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The folly of giving credance to negative energy

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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog: The folly of giving credance to negative energy

Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Friday, January 07, 2011

The folly of giving credance to negative energy

We have all had those days when something goes wrong early on, we focus on the stress that involves and internally complain at the bad luck that continues throughout the day. Despite wanting that apparent bad luck to leave us, it continues to happen and becomes a frustration. We more than likely wish that the first piece of bad luck did not occur and hold on top the frustration, wishing it away. We give all our mental energy to the negative, thereby creating more negativity. You could call that attracting the negativity. 

It is possible to do the reverse by focussing on positive parts of the day and thereby attract luck.

A few years ago when I wrote blogs on the Yahoo 360 platform, I took part in a short story writing festival. It was fun to do that and helped to build contacts with other writers, many of whom became good friends. Looking back at one of the stories I wrote back then, I now see a message related to today's subject about a bad day.  The character in the story attracted his bad luck by focussing on the frustration. 
It's like a thought such as "Typical, that would go and happen today of all days." 
There is a good article on the subject I found click here

I just I thought I would post that story again today:

The phone rings.
"Hi Charlie. Where are you? We're expecting you at the meeting this morning"
Panic and remorse hit Charlie. How could he have forgotten todays meetings? A promise made and now half broken. Switching the television off and rushing to get ready, a text message bleats on Charlie's mobile phone.
" Hi Dad. Can you come and pick me up? It looks like it gonna rain." Feeling more frustrated and neglectful, Charlie rings Lucy and apologies that he really must get to the meeting. Its very important. "Sorry Lucy, you'll have to get the bus today". It takes another 2 minutes for Charlie to get off the phone due to the pleading of his daughter. This only adds to the guilt. "How can I have been so stupid. I'm really not nearly as organized as I should have been!"

Charlie rushes to his car, then realizes he has left the car keys indoors. More frustration! The clouds gather and the sky darkens. Eventually, returning to the car and reversing off the drive, a yellow light blinks on the dashboard. Low fuel. "Arrrrghhh. Another hold up!" Charlie can feel his blood pressure rising and the panic in his throat. He arrives at the petrol station, only to find that there is a tanker delivery and all pumps are closed. Frustrated, reversing back on to the road and screeching the tyres as he does so, other car flash their headlights at him and one car sounds his horn. Was that
really necessary? These thoughts went through Charlie's mind as the wailing of the horn lowered in tone with the passing of the vehicle on the road.

Five minutes later, a few drops of rain spattered the windscreen as Charlie continued up the duel carriageway toward his office. Suddenly, the engine faltered and the car slowed to a stop. Out of fuel. Reaching for his mobile phone, Charlie realized he was not going to make this meeting. As he pulled the phone from his pocket, it rang.

"Hello Charlie. Where are you? I thought you were going to be at home all day today. Don't forget to pick the bag of spuds up this morning. We'll have none for dinner tonight. "

"Grace, I'm in the car. The fuel is out. Did you not think to fill the tank when you used it last night?"

"Don't blame me! You could have filled it yesterday. You know I hate using petrol stations. Where are you going anyway. Don't let me down with the potatoes. I've go enough to do as it is today without worrying about cooking".

And so the conversation went on for another to minutes, ending with Grace cutting Charlie off mid sentence. The clouds were really quite dark now outside. Charlie searched for the office number on his phone and put the call in. The reception phone rang for what seemed like ages.
"Hello Curz......." BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP. The phone went dead as the battery ran out. Charlie got out of the car, grabbed the fuel can from the boot of the car and started to walk. Nobody stopped along the road and it took 45 minutes before he got to the fuel station and filled the can. Returning to the car an hour later, stressed and exhausted, the rain began to fall steadily and the sky become darker to the north. When Charlie finally got to car door he spotted the ticket tucked under his windscreen detailing the fine for illegal parking. At that very moment, the heavens opened as driving rain spattered Charlie's face.
"When it rains, it pours"

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  • As you said it costs nothing to be positive and often not always it pays off. I am a firm believer in PMA positive mental attitude. Salesmen sell because they believe they will sell Representatives dont sell they take orders. That works through into life, if I had wanted to take orders I would have joined the Army

    By Blogger ascu75 aka Don, at Fri Jan 07, 10:50:00 PM GMT  

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