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Enforcement can be the root cause of rebellion

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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog: Enforcement can be the root cause of rebellion

Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Enforcement can be the root cause of rebellion

I had originally decided not to blog today because I felt I had nothing to say as such. On the way back home in my car from work this evening, I suddenly remembered funny little event from my life that rings true with regard to choice.

During the 1980's, I worked as a shipping agent at the port of Ramsgate in Kent. Buildings mainly consisted of portacabins including a single staff lavatory for all the staff on the port. 

The banter that went on between competing shipping agents and individuals was quite prevalent during that time. Many people chose to scrawl graffitti on the wall of the lavatory regarding various people and aspects of the port. Much of this was full of wit. In fact, I used to quite look forward to seeing what the latest funny picture or remark was on each shift I worked. 

Periodically, the management would arrange for the wall to be painted over to cover the wall repairing the vandalism. This would last a week or so before somebody started to scrawl again. Gradually the wall would be filled again with topical scribbles. Time and time again over months, the wall would be repainted. Eventually, the management gave in. They fixed a wipe board to the wall with a marker attached. Written on the wiper board was "Feel free to write and draw as you choose. We have provided you the facility to do this". 
Interestingly enough, the wall was never written on again. The rebellion was overcome by allowing freedom of choice. 

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  • How odd but when we can do it freely we dont . I find the blogs full of this in regard to the Government and our voting or not voting and at the moment Michael is in full flow due to the election of Mayor vote or lack of response I think only 28 people on the who Isle voted. I cant go on cos an evening od TV veiwing is calling me away from blogging

    By Blogger ascu75 aka Don, at Thu Jan 06, 07:50:00 PM GMT  

  • Must not keep you from a decent TV prog DON LOL. Thanks for commenting. I LOVE feedback!

    By Blogger potatoehead64, at Thu Jan 06, 09:41:00 PM GMT  

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