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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog: Thoughts about Yahoo staff

Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Friday, October 19, 2007

Thoughts about Yahoo staff

Having read the Yahoo meeting transcript about their future plans that was linked on a few pages, I was struck by the copious amount of spin therein. I couldn't read the whole transcript due to far too much "corporate speak." It was just too boring.
It is pretty obvious that Yahoo are not performing as well as they would prefer. They are doing their best to "talk up" the situation. **I've witnessed first hand "our unique product" phrases in the past. Here is one of my scribbles recalling a personal situation that could relate in some way to what is going on at Yahoo. (Just my gut feeling guess).

I've written about my time at TVJS before. Click here if you want to read it.

When I joined TV Jobshop in Y2k, one of my duties in the customer service department involved supporting candidates applying for jobs using the TVJS website. The functionality of the site involved a system of job skills matching using drop down lists of bespoke job skills. I'd say it was unique, but was in denial of the fact that it was actually uniquely useless. There were more than a few bugs in the programming and it was almost impossible to get hold of the IT manager to get these fixed. Internal politics would not allow me or anyone from my department to speak with him directly. The IT department was in fact a contracted out!
None of the advertising clients took the product seriously. This was largely due to the fact that advertising was initially free as a "loss leader". Meanwhile, I spent many hours sending out email responses to candidates using a kind of "talking up" language of positive spin, and I believed it too! I was keen to promote a professional service. The problem was that I was wasting my time. The website had been poorly designed from the start and somewhat rushed. The glossy TV adverts that went out belied the chaos within.
Eventually, I came to realize what a mess the project was in, but I was still hopeful things could turn around. Like any start up business, change occurred rapidly, sometimes on a daily basis.
The website crashed frequently due to a combination of security flaws and malicious attacks by some people who obviously had a grudge against Mark Goldberg.
Many of the employees seemed on a mission to make a fast buck and rip off the company. I thought that was sad and was against my ethics. I loved working there for many reasons. The excitement of television (albeit small time digital) was a major attraction for me. I also made some good friends there, some of whom have gone on to be pretty successful.
Mark Ryes currently presents "Bid Up TV".
Georgie Palmer is a presenter on local ITV news magazine programme Meridian South serving Hampshire and the surrounding region.

Whatever happens with Yahoo, I wish them luck, however, I suspect many of their competitors have stolen a march on them. Google seems to be swallowing up large chunks of the market, already dominating online video with the YouTube site purchase. Yahoo seem to have their 2008 plans successfully hidden in some bluster in their announcement. Doesn't tell us much, does it. Perhaps they don't want to give too much away to the competition, but I reckon they are trying to play catch up and are likely too late.


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