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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Monday, November 12, 2007

A Daily Mail "oops!"

I've hit a dry period for blogging this week, but just have to share something I read in The Daily Mail tonight whilst supping a pint at the local boozer.

Jonathan Aitken was a former cabinet minister of the last Conservative Government in the 90's and was, at one point my local MP when I lived in Broadstairs with my parents in the 80's. He had a spectacular fall of grace and ended up being jailed for purgery in 1999. I actually like the guy because I believe he genuinely changed as a result. (He spent 18 months in prison)

Today, in the UK press, it was announced that he has been invited to look at prison reform on behalf on the Tory Party. I hereby quote an extract from the Daily Mail the way it was reported (by James Chapman - Deputy Political Editor) : -

" Mr Aitken is the only former Cabinet Minister to have been jailed for more than 100 years"

Slight grammatical error there Mr. Chapman. Don't see you getting beyond deputy on this evidence. PMSL.

I wonder if this one will get picked up on "Have I Got News for You" this week?


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