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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog: Living the simplicity of life

Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Living the simplicity of life

I've spent a lot of time recently reading so much, watching and listening to life coaching material. I've noticed my nagging desire to find some sort of ground breaking wisdom to share with you. Some days I'm more inspired than others. If I'm not careful, I could make this into a burden that will be self defeating.Today, I have decided to keep things simple. 

Here is my reasoning: -

When I first started blogging in around 2006, I noticed that much of the success I achieved back then was due to sharing little anecdotal stories from my past. Sometimes these stories were profound and sometimes they were simple life experiences that stuck in my mind and maybe had some quirky humorous element. I used to call these my "Scribbles". It was these scribbles that people seemed to enjoy reading, probably because they reflected the simplicity of life experience. Some people commented that they looked forward to the next instalment. Others said it became a routine for them to check for them each day. Without asking people, I had supplied people with what they wanted by some sort of co-incidence. 

I'm going to re-post one of those scribbles here today, but before that, I want to ask you what you want to see on my blog page.

What article have you found interesting?

What would you like to see here on this page? (Bear in mind that the blog theme is around self development)

What videos have you liked and do you watch them? (I try to make them relevant to the subject matter of the day)

What images have you liked?

Today, I'm keeping things simple because we have the ability to make life simple if we choose to. 

School days – Corporal punishment.
The all boys school I attended during the mid 70’s at age 11 was pretty strict. It had to be because most lads that got expelled from other schools in the area got sent there. We had quite a rough mix, but the teachers were good at handling it. Most of the teachers would dish out corporal punishment, something that is now banned in schools. My feelings about this are mixed. I can see both sides of the story. Here is an amusing little event that occurred.
A very good friend of mine, and an excellent musician, frequently got into trouble. He never attend school detention and would always end up being caned. One particular day, the deputy head teacher pondered the situation and had a question for him.
“Young man, it seems this happens very frequently with you. Almost every Monday morning, I here your name called out in assembly because you have failed to get to class on time, or some other misdemeanour's. As a result, you are given detention as punishment, but low and behold, you fail to comply with this and I end up, yet again, having to administer the cane to you. Why do you put yourself through this?”

He replied “Well sir, I’ve far more important things to do such as practising my Euphonium as opposed to wasting my time writing out hymn tunes in detention”. 

The teacher thought about this reasonably intelligent answer and said.
“Yes, I can understand your dedication to your music and its pleasing to see someone showing some clear commitment. It’s an admirable quality that I like to see in my students. Bend over laddie!

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