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Our body’s natural ability to heal

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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog: Our body’s natural ability to heal

Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Our body’s natural ability to heal

If you cut your finger, you will notice that the blood will clot, dry and seal the wound. Eventually, a scab will form and as the body naturally replaces itself, the wound will fully heal. This happens to a greater or lesser extent according to how healthy we are in general.

It is worth noting that our bodies are designed to heal as part of a natural process. We have the ability to actively allow this natural process to happen. It is the brain and mind that controls the body in the first instance. Our brain is the computer that ensures our heart continues to beat and that our blood continues to flow. Our body needs the sustenance of healthy food and water as maintenance.

In the same way, we can choose to feed our minds with healthy information. Our healthy mind can assist our body in the natural healing process. In the same way, a healthy and well fed body will assist our mind to attract positive thoughts.

One way we can choose to balance our mind with an appropriate amount of positive thought is to use meditation. A free source of assistance in meditation can be found in The Silva Ultra Mind System. There is a good explanation about the function of Alpha and Beta waves in the brain along with a downloadable sound file to practice meditation. This lasts approximately 30 minutes. I have been using this material recently and I testify to the benefit I have experienced from it.

You can choose to try meditation. This can compliment traditional treatments such as medication for illnesses. This is not an attempt to give you false hope; it is to inform you that you can allow yourself to try something different and be open minded enough to see if it works for you.

Why not try tapping into your body’s natural ability to heal? You have nothing to lose.

There are many, many articles written on this subject going back thousands of years. So why have I chosen to write about this subject as well? By doing so, I believe I am renewing the core message with fresh energy as others have done before me. 


Todays video is another from the origins of the band I play for "Beggars' Belief". This was recorded a couple of years ago, long before I joined the band. The song "Roots" is one we still perform today. A political, anti war song. Enjoy!

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