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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog: How to positively process emotions

Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Thursday, February 10, 2011

How to positively process emotions

Miners in Piccadilly

This is simply a no brainer.
This also follows on from yesterdays Mind Alchemy session where Steven Aitchison encouraged us so seek our music that motivates and inspires us. 
Whilst yesterday, I focused on popular and modern music from the charts in recent years, I have a strong connection with classical music. In so many ways I find classical music to be a powerful force to process emotions. 

Strong emotions come in waves. Some of these waves are gentle surges followed by followed by down times. There are times of peace, stillness and tranquillity. Then again come times of urgency. Sometimes there is mild pain and suffering. 

I've always loved the music of Richard Wagner.
Procession to the Minister from "Lohengrin" gives the opportunity to feel the emotions I described above. However, then ending of this piece brings some extremities of emotion. There is build up of orgasmic sound that crashes over in a wave, then immediately another much larger wave that is almost overwhelming. Finally again there is a 3rd rush of sound orgasm that every cell in the body to magnify and glow like burning magnesium. To experience this is to witness something that I believe no drug ever produced can replicate. 

I created the video below some time ago as a tribute to the hard toil of mine workers in their daily struggle to ekk out a living. 
Grimethorpe is a band that represents the core of the British coal mining community, now sadly lost. Those communities pretty much dispersed. 

A mining village represents the passion of a community that is close knit and works together supporting each other.  

To be successful in our lives, there is much we need to do ourselves and to that end we need each other as support to grow. We now have to ability communicate like never before through the power of the internet. We can share and lift each other up. We can obtain wisdom like never before. 
Those of us taking part in the Mind Alchemy course can do this. We have the opportunity to experience all emotions to the full. The waves and surges. I sense that as we get toward the end of this course, we have the ability to experience something similar to the and of the music in Wagner's "Procession" 

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