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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog: Therapy

Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Monday, September 25, 2006


Hi everyone,
Today started with the weekly staff meeting at work. For some reason I still felt slightly uncomfortable there. I'm coming to the conclusion that I'm a bit hyper sensitive to anything said to me in the work environment right. From a logical point of view this does not make any sense.

This afternoon was my first appointment (assessment) for some counselling. Somewhere I can work through these feelings. Its odd that I consciously know that I've made a completely sane decision to do this, but there is still that feeling of traditional labelling. Its the "People are gonna think you've gone nuts Marty" LOL. Still, its sorted as far as the next few weeks are concerned.

I went off to the shops afterwards and brought myself some new clothes. A really nice pair of casual trousers that are very comfortable and a couple of trendy t shirts. I also popped into Waterstones and spotted a Sebastian Faulks novel. I think this moght be a new one. Its called "Human Traces". The back cover says its a novel about a couple of pioneering psychiartrists in the 1870's. Once I saw that I knew it was a defo buy. I really like Faulks style of writing. He seems to have a classical touch. "Birdsong" was a wonderful book and a comfortable read. "Charlotte Gray" is another I really liked and the film was reasonable too.

Overall, my day has been pretty good. Some slight anxiety, but I'm sticking close to God right now to see me through. Talking of God, I find it interesting how folk have different conceptions on belief. I guess some of you might call me religious. That I have to say, I am definately not and I feel personally that there is a clear line between believing in God and being "Religious". These words send out all sort of signals to people and create all sorts of conceptions. In some ways, I guess I'm a bit of a maverick on this issue.

All said and done, with the emotions I've felt recently, I really try not to take myself to seriously and this applies to my spiritual life too.

15.10.07 NOTE: Video's orginally posted are no longer available


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Bollocks to the traditional labelling Marty, going to therapy is the greatest gift anyone can give themselves - so say I. Its not about being nuts but about being sane. I'm so sick of this imagined idea that anyone in therapy is either crazy or self interested. Ya gotta do it for the work you are going to do anyways so you might just get a head start on it!

Monday 25 September 2006 - 05:52PM (BST)

Glad you're OK, ( I do worry you know!)
I have always placed a line between believing in God/having faith and being 'religious..I have often found those who like to state they are 'religious' to be hypocrites...whereas, the other sector, the believers and people who have faith, are the quiet, unassuming ones, who continue their walk....

Monday 25 September 2006 - 06:04PM (BST)

Hi Marty matey thanks for sharing the vids, I like the Pythons, I love Father Ted and I adore The Vicar Of Dibley. Glad you managed to get started on your counselling and dont worry about whether people think your crazy or not just join the club and pull up a straight jacket. My blog on belief etc is proving slow going due to my up and downness at the moment.

Monday 25 September 2006 - 06:20PM (BST)

True counseling, is simply having the space and environment to work things through yourself. And perhaps having a guiding hand so you don't beat yourself up too much. No shame in that.

Many moons ago I worked for a hospice as a receptionist (in the states they are simply buildings, the terminally ill are cared for in their own homes.) The weekly team interdisciplinary meeting (doctors, nurses, chaplins, volunteers, volunteer coordinator, office staff, & sometimes family). Every staff meeting began with a meditation. The most uncomfortable I have ever been is when the meditation included a workshop where you paired up with somebody - one person pretended they were dying suddenly, the other person had five minutes to tell their chosen loved one (the other person pretending to be dying) all that they wished they'd said before this moment. After five minutes we switched. I was useless all that day after that. Moral to the story? Well, meditate a few minutes before your meeting & clear your mind OR imagine the worst possible staff meeting you could ever have and celebrate each one you get through that doesn't measure up to your worst nightmare... to this day when I hear Interdisciplinary with regards to a meeting I choke.

Monday 25 September 2006 - 06:42PM (BST)

A trip to the quack wont dwindle our brains Marty..I guess you've heard this already! I have been too.. and I was told to read chicken soup for the soul.. LOL.. ;)

Monday 25 September 2006 - 11:25PM (IST)

I agree with you. Being religious and believe in God seems to be different. Which ever religious scriptures we go through, we see God is formless and eternal. The very idea is something infinite, but our minds, human minds are finite. I think as spectrum of wavelengths which I can see is limited, my ability to hear sound is limited to certain frequencies, so is my understanding. I accept that.
Religion seems to be an attempt to project something infinite in to finite. Religion makes rules, and I wonder can we define/restrict God by/to any set of rules?

Monday 25 September 2006 - 11:10AM (PDT)

Counseling has gotten a terrible rap for is nothing more than healing, whether it be healing of the body or the mind there is not much difference. I love the vids...I could imagine running upon something like that in the lingerie department....LOL

Monday 25 September 2006 - 02:11PM (EDT)

I agree? great blog???

Monday 25 September 2006 - 04:16PM (ADT)

I'm glad you're focussing on what's best for you, Marty. Obviously all of us here wish you all the best in your recovery & what you are doing for yourself. I do admire how much you are putting into it all. & yeah, never take life tooo seriously, otherwise then people will go mad from all the madness about! Great vids, & I guess on that note as that Monty Phython song goes: "Always look on the bright side of life!". Take care! & everyone is a bit nuts in some way or another. I would never think of you that way though. You're a good bloke, & shoudl always remember it!


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