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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog: Odd dreams and stuff

Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Odd dreams and stuff

I really felt sorry for a daughter (Dawn) today. She had been working hard on some needlework for college homework (studying childcare). Last night, she felt she'd made a mess of it and re-started it with mums help. This went on till past midnight. Its was a "Touch and feel" bag for children. Christine phoned me at work today to tell me not to say anything about it coz the teacher was'nt too impressed with it. Dawn was really tearful. As a parent I really feel for her because I know how much effort she put into the work.

I'm still getting some odd dreams lately. I don't always remember them, but wake up in the morning in an anxious state. This morning however, I remembered what I'd been dreaming. It was about conflict from an old job (motor trade) years ago. I know I need to work through this in therapy. I have my first proper appointment on Monday.

Anyway.... enough of all that emotional stuff... here is todays scribble.... another little old story from my past....

Liebfraumilch is a sweet white German wine. The name is a German word literally meaning "milk of our blessed mother" and derived from "liebe Frau" which translates to "beloved woman/lady".

Another pub experience.

John has been a close friend of mine since school days. He is a successful guy who has achieved a lot professionally but has always kept his feet on the ground and never forgotten his friends. He comes visit me 3 or 4 times a year and we always pop out to the pub to reminisce about our past and have a good laugh.

One particular evening, John arrived a little late to the pub where a few of us were meeting. As he arrived at the bar, I asked him what he would like to drink. John’s brow furrowed as he glanced down the length of the bar at the various ales on offer (being the sort of guy that like to try out different minerals, as he would always say). “What’s that Leibfraumilsh?” he asked and before I had a chance, the barman said “You’d like Leibfraumilsh?” to which John replied. “Yes pleased, I’ll have a pint of that please” I have burned in my memory, the double take and confused shock on the barman’s face when asked to pour a pint of white wine. Poor old John never lived that one down!

The video, my dear friends today is my favourite track from the 80's group "UB40". A bit of a gospel touch to this that kinda got me into liking the gospel style. "Many Rivers to Cross". Here's a question for you non Brits out there. Why did the group call themselves UB40?


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Lol nice little story Marty. I feel sorry for your poor daughter its terrible to see our children unhappy, the good news is of course is it doesnt get any better when they get older lol. Good luck with your counselling I'm sure it will help.

Wednesday 4 October 2006 - 10:06PM (BST)

I know I'm a brit babe but the answer is " they were all on the dole " And my heart goes out to your daughter it is awfull when we put our hearts into something that goes unappreciated, it leaves us with such a sense of failure. BUT and this is a big but, she has 2 wonderfull parents who will rebuild the confidence that the teacher stripped from her.... May I say what is wrong with a pint of wine??? I often polish off a bottle on my own lol. Finally babe take care of you and be sure to tell all at your therapy session fingers crossed it will bring you some peace from the

Wednesday 4 October 2006 - 10:07PM (BST)

Marty what an awful teacher! I represent parents in my borough on the education committee and i am always appalled when i hear stories like this, its not the end product but the work, effort and thought that goes into it! The teacher could have offered some advice on maybe what ur daughter could have added to make it more user friendly, but to critise is extremely unprofessional.

I've just started therapy and i'm finding it a path to self discovery, i'm not saying its making my life suddenly wonderful but its helping how i am feeling. So, good luck Marty! :) ~hugs~ x

Wednesday 4 October 2006 - 10:33PM (BST)

U.B. 40= Jeez Marty, please, make your questions more of a challenge, this I can type blindfolded and spell it correctly.....When they first got together, they were all unemployed, and thats where the band name comes from...UB40 is the number at the tpo of the unemployment benefit form one hands in the be paid their benefit......

Wednesday 4 October 2006 - 03:02PM (PDT)

Hey Marty, funny story about John.
You picked a GREAT song there. I love the classic reggae version by Jimmy Cliff and UB40's version is also fantastic.
Your question was very easy Marty, but then it would be for me. Firstly, I come from the same area of Brum as some of the guys in the band. And of course, you know which line of work I am in.........LOL.

Wednesday 4 October 2006 - 11:25PM (BST)

lol cute story :o)

Wednesday 4 October 2006 - 06:36PM (CDT)

Hmm, just an idea, but to get her own back, have your daughter check the curriculumn requirements on the course online, do some work on what she has to do to meet the requirements outside the class. If then teacher still is out of hand, she has a case. I had a teacher that just hated me, no matter what I did, when I succeeded in that subject (by researching it on my own) on my own back, I had so much more self confidence.
I am not a brit, but I have been here enough years I know what the dole is knock wood, never had to use it yet though, but I have only been here eight years.
Great blog. And thanks for your kind comments on mine.
Hope your day goes better tomorrow. Kick the lurgy out and have a great friday and weekend!!!

Thursday 5 October 2006 - 12:39AM (BST)

it's horrible when your kids have worked hard on something and a teacher seems to dismiss it out of hand, especially if they can't work out where they went wrong. I'm sure that her 'touch and feel' bag was delightful and the teacher just got out of bed the wrong side. good song. i don't listen to them often now, but when i was married to my first husband 'labour of love' was the one album, yes a real old fashioned vinyl album, that we each had a copy of, when i left i forgot to take any of my records, but it didn't matter cos when i got married again my 2nd husband had it too.

Thursday 5 October 2006 - 12:47AM (BST)

Great story? Video is the best??

Wednesday 4 October 2006 - 09:36PM (ADT)

Marty, sorry your daughter's efforts went unacknowledged. It would certainly seem to me that such a project would have a wide range of acceptable, even creative, possibilities. Good she has you. I'm sorry that I haven't been able to do enough catching up on your blog to know that you were having such a difficult time. Therapy certainly can help, more so if the therapist is a good match. I tried to convince my brother of this at one point. There are many therapists out there, and even though they are not supposed to, they bring their own point of view and personality. If you don't get what you need from this one,keep looking. And keep blogging and talking to people. Surround yourself with positive people and politely decline spending too much time with those who bring you down and really sap your energy. (minilecture, sorry!) Best of luck with that anyway. Enjoyed the pub story. Maybe one day I'll enter one of those British pubs and all will become clear.

Wednesday 4 October 2006 - 09:45PM (EDT)

Determination is something women have in their bag of tools to get through raising stubborn children, keep the faith, your daughter might not need counselling for her emotions, but rather it is through these laborous pains that ideas of women are born...

Thursday 5 October 2006 - 06:43AM (EDT)

Wonderful reading, as usual mate! btw, what IS this "Leibfraumilsh"?

Thursday 5 October 2006 - 09:30PM (IST)

I recall Claire going through much the same thing, teachers, it seems, don;t always know how to deliver feedback. When I worked, I always delivered it as a 'shit sarnie', excuse the language, but started with soemthing good, the delivered the bad bit, but always ended on a good again, that way no one feels totally demoralised but both parties have still delivered and received the feedback, very rarely did I ever have to deliver totally negative feedback, but it seems teachers are not taught that one....They manage people yet often have no people management skills...

As for dreams, I have been having very vivid dreams over the last few weeks, in colour, the colours being the memorable things about them. usually I just dream and remeber dreaming only once or twice a week, but the last 3-4 weeks it has been virtually every night I am being able to recall dreams. I have no idea, alcohol is not involved as rarely have any, just the odd glass here and there, and dont smoke and not on any medication, so dont know if its because there's almost a detox or what?..

Thursday 5 October 2006 - 07:31PM (BST)

Re the therapy - don't go with a pre-prepared script Marty, try to go in and speak what you feel "right now" and it may be that what is begging for attention is what you thought - the anxiety dream. Jot the most memorable parts down - the things that stand out to you. It may or may not be that the counsellor will be able to work with your dream, depends what "flavour" of therapy they have studied... (s)he may be a trainee and not experienced in dream work (don't forget that right now is a time when new counsellors are taking up their placements to build up hours, to fulfill their Diplomas - so you may be seeing a trainee!) and there is nothing wrong with that either - they will be being supervised and be in therapy too. They should introduce themselves as a trainee in your first session. Just think to yourself about what was going on around the time of your dream, what might have sparked the dream - AND remember you can finish it off for yourself in a way which leaves you feeling safer - not analysing it at all - just speaking it in your head or writing it down - that way you can lose the anxiety.. As to Dawns problems, all you can do is support, as you well know, you can't "do the work" for her - perhaps its about getting her to sit down and have a good chat with the tutor about where things went wrong, better for her to "finish the unfinished business" around her work, than walk about feeling sad\angry\resentful about it. It then leaves a place of open communication between the two of them..

Friday 6 October 2006 - 01:13PM (BST)

I love UB40.. I had their cd stuck in my car for a good year.. could not get it out for nothing.. didn't try so hard though, just tweezers, and a few other things till I did finally pull the whole player out and take it apart and remove it.. and all for what.. sold the car and bought a truck.. now from all the digging at it, it is all scratched up.. I have to remember to replace that.. heck.. I haven't bought any new cd's in a very long time.. good excuse now.. lol!
Oh, and never knew the history on them either in the orginating of the name.. cool!

Monday 9 October 2006 - 01:41AM (CDT)


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