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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Stress Buster

I think I have discovered a new favorite TV programme to watch. I first saw The Secret Millionaire on Channel 4 (UK) about this time last year and it had quite a profound effect upon me. I watched 2 or 3 episodes since and just watched the repeated story of Mo Choudry on E4 tonight (having missed it first time round).

This programme never fails to move me.
The concept involves a successful and pretty much unknown multi millionaire who chooses to go under cover into a deprived area of the UK on the pretense of some other social documentary. After spending 10 days amongst the community, the millionaire chooses to give away some of their money to a charitable cause, be it organization or individual they feel to be worthy. Aside of the fact that there may be some element of contrived result, I feel it always shows true humanity where folk bare their soul. Tonights episode proved the point yet again when Mo Choudry gave from his heart to causes from a culture and community he had rejected. He overcame his prejudice bourne out of childhood bullying. Broadcasts like this prove that it does not matter what background or culture we are from, deep in the soul of many there is a desire to give and help those less fortunate than ourselves. A week of simple existence produces many stresses for me and it is witnessing such as I watched this evening that helps to relieve that stress.

I went for another run yesterday across the cliffs. I hoping to keep this up in the coming weeks with a view to entering another run, perhaps a half marathon and maybe raise some funds for some cause or other.

I also went to church for the first time this year this morning. Having missed most of last year and knowing the local Baptist church has chosen a new Pastor, I guess that pushed me in to going. A good guy whom I feel will be good for our local community.

I popped round to see my parents this afternoon. My mother really seems to have gone downhill this year. I don't think she realized I was there today as her mind appears to be going. Witnessing this is, for me slow and painful and it brings about many emotions that trouble me. With my father not well either, this just adds to the worry. Both my parents are 80+. My mother has very little quality of life now and just seeing her in this state hurts me. Fortunately, (well maybe in some ways) my parents are financially stable, although I know it pains my father to pay for the daily care now needed.

Final thoughts are that although finances can be of assistance, there is no replacement for a quality of life that brings peace and contentment. In fact, it seems to me that many folk with very little have far more fulfilling lives just be simplicity.


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