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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Monday, July 14, 2008

Tranquil Sun

Sitting around indoors moping over all the stress, I know is not a good thing. Feeling pretty crap last evening, I decided to go to the places I usually go when in such a dark mood. Finding somewhere peaceful to be alone with thoughts, close to nature often helps a fare amount. I was struck by the way the rays of sun beamed though the clouds last night.
I took a long walk for a couple of hours down at Minnis Bay and watched some foreign students play football. My brother phoned me and we chatted for about half an hour as I watched the sun go down over the sea. There was an amazing sunset, but as I went to take the photograph, the battery went on my phone/camera.
I'm still angry, frustrated, demotivated and all the other associated feelings. Researching it all this morning suggests that I've maybe hit burnout. Frustrating in itself, because I've always tried to be cautious and aware the the possibility of this happening.
I've had a good long chat and laugh with my friend from Torquay this morning. My mood is still on a rollercoaster. This ride, I suspect is set to continue for some time yet. Still, band rehearsal tonight is another positive and I'm intent on another long walk down the bay this afternoon. The weather is hot here today.

To compliment the picture, I've added a short video similar to the one I did at the same location a couple of years ago.....


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