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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog: Sat Nav - A real story

Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sat Nav - A real story

I took a call from my good friends Alan and Jayne last night to go and practice with a small brass music group. Not knowing the address, they suggested I go to their house first so that we all go together in one car. Alan decided it was a good idea to use their Sat Nav to find out way. It was a friends house that none of us had been to although we do know our way to Deal.
Setting off, the female Sat Nav voice gave all the usual instructions until we got quite close to Deal, when we were given an unexpected direction towards Dover instead. Alan, being a little concerned, asked Jayne if she had entered the post code correctly (bad move). This resulted in a light hearted argument with Jayne threatening to switch the Sat Nav off! I just sat on the back seat laughing. It seems to me that Sat Navs have a habit of suggesting some strange routes and this one was no exception, taking us up all sorts of country lanes. Alan and Jayne were still arguing. It was certainly a long way round to the destination and made us a little late. Just before we arrived, Jayne said to Alan,
"If you don't stop moaning about the Sat Nav, I'll shove it up your arse!"
There was a brief moment of silence followed by Alan's quip back,
"Turn left, at the colon!"
It took me about 5 mintues to stop laughing, wiping the tears from my eyes.


Well...... I'm disappointed. There I was this morning waiting to be raptured, and it didn't happen! Seems like life will continue for a while yet. All the excitement of this new scientific experiment and all we got to see was 2 blobs on a computer screen. Well, I guess we have to give 'em the benefit of doubt.


I ventured up in to our loft space today to get some clothes down to give away to a friend who is expecting a baby soon. It's a bit like archeology really, finding stuff that I've hoarded over years. Discoveries this time included: -
  • A brochure for The Bungalow Hotel, Birchington (knocked down years ago and replaced with flats).
  • A programme for the 1978 twinning ceremony between Margate, Le Mureaux in France and Idar Oberstein in Germany.
  • My school certificate from 1980 detailing CSE results of grades "D" and "E"
  • A list of companies that I wrote to on spec searching for work during 1981 to 1983 along with around 40 odd replies.
  • A letter from an old girlfriend 1983 along with a batch of letters from friends around the same time, some of which were from Jayne, mentioned at the start of this blog. We are old friends.
I am due to run a classroom session at work tomorrow involving job searching. I did this a couple of weeks ago, but will need to do it again, so finding those of letters on my teenage job search has inspired me to share it all with my clients. Despite leaving school with poor exam results, I managed to survive adult life by finding work. Just goes to prove that exam results are not the be all and end all, despite what schools (with targets to hit) drum into our children.


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