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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I dropped my wife off at the dreaded Asda supermarket today and popped over to see my dear old mum for a while this morning. My fathers housekeeper was there along with one of the carers for my mother. Dad was due to go out for a while and do some shopping of his own. Also my aunt and cousin came to visit.


My father has a front door that can be locked from the inside by pushing up the handle. Usually, these sort of doors don't actually lock that way, but dads does. When my aunt arrived, I didn't see her accidentally lock the door, preventing it opening without the key.
I had a good chat with everyone until Christine phoned me to go and pick her up with the shopping. After saying goodbye, I then realized I couldn't get out of the house! Dad's housekeeper couldn't find the key. I tried going out via the back garden, but the side gate was padlocked too and it was a bit risky to climb over. Finally, on my aunts suggestion, I decided to jump out of the lounge window. (That was once we had managed to work out how to open the tilt and turn mechanism!). Standing on the window sill, I did my best to avoid my fathers carefully tended plant pots whilst also trying not to do myself an injury whilst jumping. In the process, I managed to catch my foot on the tap of the water butt thereby breaking it off. I was then hit with a torrent of water and ended up soaked through to the skin.

Well, that certainly caused a few laughs from inside the house. Phoning dad later to apologize for the damage. He thought it hilarious, especially because the housekeeper found the door key a couple of minutes after I left. It was funny. There is great power in self depreciating laughter!


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