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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog: Choice and Balance

Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Choice and Balance

In this modern world of constant media and advertising, we are bombarded with instruction and advice about what is and is not good for us. In many circumstances, this advice can be contrary. Have you ever listened to advice and later heard an opposite opinion, often from the same source?
This can cause confusion, doubt and frustration. 
Workplaces and businesses are constantly making changes to what is considered the latest pearl of wisdom. We are told how we should proceed as if this is the "gospel truth" and are all forced to conform. To an extent, we become somewhat submissive as choice is taken away from us.

One minute we are told certain foods or medications are good for us. The next, we are advised of another report that states the very same is bad for us. 

Some 40 years ago, conventional wisdom stated that we are heading for an ice age due to ozone and gasses. This then changes to global warning. Finally, to knock the whole concept again, we are in a second year of cold winter! If we carry on with cold winters, I'm sure the advice will be amended yet again.

So, what do we believe?
What is truth?

The point is, we have freedom to choose what we believe. Examining evidence, gut feeling, and spiritual enlightenment all form the basis of what we choose.... yes choose to believe.
Some insist we must conform to what is considered scientific evidence. It is perfectly ok for someone to choose to accept scientific evidence alone. However, to force that opinion upon someone else is to take away the other persons permission to choose.
Right now, I feel confident about what I believe. I'm also open to learning and to the possibility that some of my beliefs (about whatever!) may alter as I gain more wisdom. The dangers we face are that others will try to force their beliefs upon us and if we are not fully aware, we are in danger of forcing our beliefs upon others. 

We all have a gift to choose our thoughts, feelings and actions. Awareness of this ability is empowering. Well... at least I choose to believe that right here and now!

I'm feeling that nothing in this world is particularly set in stone apart from some things appear more than others more than others. 

Like the scales, in order to reach some sort of equilibrium, differing opinions are all there to be evaluated in order to maintain balance. When the balance is out, it needs adjusting. 

Finally, what is the truth? The truth is our perception.

What do you choose to believe?
What are you influenced by?
Is your opinion based truly you ability to choose and upon your independence as an individual?

I invite you to interpret and choose what to accept what I have shared here on this blog. 


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  • Ah yes, we always have a choice in life - and yet when we are young we "expect" to be told what is right and wrong, what is OK and not, and we mould our beliefs arund those experiences. What we don't realise that our parents beliefs may not be what we believe is OK. It takes much work to realise that we don't "have to" anything...that those introjects we learned - are not written in blood. We can only trust in our own inner wise one.

    I recently found a way to regain my ability to choose, its taken me 30 + years to feel that empowered, and it was a very personal experience that caused it. That movement has left me feeling stronger, to move forward in my yes, choice is right, good, and necessary. When we swallow without spitting out we choose to take in bad as well as good, and we don't always have to do that...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Dec 16, 10:34:00 AM GMT  

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