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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog: Dreaming

Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Monday, December 27, 2010


My Daughter gave me the DVD movie Inception for Christmas this year. She knows I like thrillers. I think she made a good choice, although I found the film quite hard to follow. In some ways, the movie is quite disturbing. The constant scene changes that challenge what is and is not reality take some proper concentration to follow. 

After watching the movie yesterday, I thought about it for a while and wondered what message there is in it. 

The film, clearly about the dream state, resonated with me in that I've been reading a lot of information about positive thought and fulfilling desires. I've said before that our values in life our very much guided by our experiences. Sometimes these are obvious to us in our conscious state and some are subconscious. There many experiences I've had that have been good and not so good. It's obvious that we all seek to avoid what is uncomfortable, but there are times when discomfort needs to be experienced and looked at. 

In the film, the character Domm Cobb (played by Leonardo Dicaprio) has a skill in invading peoples dreams. There is however, a problem for him for the task he has to perform. This has to do with an incident from his past that impedes him from doing the task alone. This issue from the past needs dealing with and he needs help. I'll say no more than this in case you want to see the movie. I don't want to give it all away. 

Having done a short bit of research on the film before writing this blog, I'm aware that there are many people seeking a deeper meaning to the film and some further interpretation. 

Albeit, a fast paced and slightly frustrating film to follow, I sense the message is relatively simple. Domm Cobb needs to deal with the problem that haunts him in order to be free. It's a difficult task and takes courage. He needs help. This help is available and he uses it. 

A complicated movie that takes some watching, but for me, a straight forward message: -

Pay attention to dreams be they in sleep or in waking imagination. It may be a complicated mess. Deal with it and resolve the blocks so you can move on. 

I have a number of dreams for the future. One of those is to achieve a degree of success with the band I am in. Specifically, to get the chance to appear on the late night TV show "Later with Jools Holland". I believe it is possible. It will take some work. It may well take considerable luck, but luck only occurs if you make and allow it to happen! 

As per the title to one of our best songs. I wish this to happen "Freely".

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