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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Sunday, October 07, 2007

10 Kilometre Run

10 Kilometre Run
10 Kilometre Run magnify
At work on Tuesday, my work colleague Dave said to me "What are you doing on Sunday?" I thought he would be doing something at his church or something.
"Well I'm working night shift Saturday night" was my reply.
Dave told me that he was entering a 10k run and wondered if I was interested in entering. Crikey! That's late notice. I've wanted to enter a proper, official race ever since I started running a couple of years ago, but until now, I'd never got round to it. There was the consideration of working the night before, but I thought "What the heck, I'll go for it". As it happened, I'd forgotten that I'd swapped a shift and didn't have to work nights last night in any case. So it all worked out perfectly.
The weather this morning was pretty much ideal. I felt confident at this distance, knowing that I'd run 10 miles a couple of weeks ago. I was aiming for under 1 hour. Once we set off, I ran at quite a pace for the first kilometre moving through field and leaving Dave and Richard (his son) behind. It was a bit of a different experience running a route I'd never done before and I found it hard to pace myself. I managed to keep going without stopping once and finished with a sprint at the end. What a great day!
Time : 55 mins.

I'm WELL pleased
Next time, I'll do this with more notice and organisation on my part. It would be good to run for charity, particularly the one I work for. Enjoy the video folks.


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