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2nd August 2006

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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog: 2nd August 2006

Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Saturday, October 06, 2007

2nd August 2006

What is your car history?
What is your car history? magnify
This blog inspired by a new friend "pei" and her blog to do with cars.

Here is mine (as far as I can remember)

1st Car onwards: -

1) White Hillman Imp. - fun motor that (as they all do) frequently over heated - sat on my dads drive for 6 months, then I sold to a friend for £30 who then got it going again and got another 40k out of it.

2) Old rusty Chrysler Alpine - got done big time on this. The foolishness of youth! swapped it (at night time) for: -
3) White Mk2 Ford Capri - I really believed this was cool. Its the car I had when I met my wife, used it to give her a lift home in (although my friend drove it coz I was too drunk at the time!)
In between, I briefly owned a Datsun Cherry that I bought for £10 and never insured - sold it for £35 about 6 weeks later).
4) Bronze Ford Cortina with a vinyl roof. Another lemon that packed up within 3 months.
5) Light Blue Skoda Estelle (yes, the orginal eastern european ones). Great fun, reminded me of my Hillman Imp. Easy to maintain. Most parts made of something similar to cake and cardboard!
6) Fiat Panda. Another cheapy cost me £70. Thrashed it big time. Trouble with clutch cable due to rust. Used to leak big time in the rain. Scrapped it for £40 a year later.
7) VW Polo 4 door saloon in light blue metallic. - Fell for the metallic paint and was done over by the extremely dodgy carburetor which caused this car to break down more than I care to remember! Still managed somehow to sell it though.
8) First Company car - Blue Renault Megane nearly new. My first experience of something close to new. Good car and a relief not having to worry about insurance, tax and maintenance (caned on personal tax for the privilage though). Replaced by: -
9) Renault Scenic - yet another blue car. Like the one before by with much more space. Loved it a lot. Missed it when I lost my job and had the personal breakdown due to work stress, bullying and first vout of depression.
10) Daihatsu Hijet in... yes you guessed it - blue again (not =by choice) A real quirky motor that was more like a small van than a car. Non existant performance by bought due to the missus insisting we have another six seater (budget could only afford this!!) Died due to overheating.
11) Toyota Corolla in grey. My current car and FAB. Had it more than 2 years. Drives like a brand new car to this day despite being 10 yrs old. Close to the picture but with a lift back boot. The hatch is longer and it looks more like a Carina than a Corolla. Really good performance with a 1.6 16 valve engine. Quiet as you like and defo. my best car to date.

ooer..... I'm beginning to sound like Jeremy Clarkson - who speaks LIKE THIS! lol

Would love to know the car history of other folk.. pls send me.


(8 total)

Only passed test 6 years ago (very late starter lol) - but:

1st Car - old shape Nissan Micra - grey - no power steering but I loved it - some clown drove into the side of me and wasn't insured and I was only 3rd party so couldnt afford to save it.

2nd Car - husband gave me a Hyundai Atoz in silver - it was like a tin box and I hated it but hey, never look a gift horse in the mouth !!

Current Car - Fiat Marea Weekender (Estate) 1.9 Diesel Engine - Dark Blue - I love the car but hate the noise it is making now - its getting old and as diesels do, it knocks badly.

I am not the type of person that actually loves their car - a car to me is a functional thing and as long as it gets me from A to B I am happy with whatever I have unless it is a Hyundai Atoz which really was an awful tinny car.

I actually wouldnt mind another Fiat Estate but not a diesel!!

Have a great day x

Wednesday 2 August 2006 - 07:24AM (BST)

Because my eyesight as deteriated I do not drive now but loved it when I did. My dad started teaching me to drive in his old Morris 8 and later in his Hillman minx 10hp. They were lovely old fashioned cars and enjoyable to drive - even though there was no syncromesh between 1st & 2nd gears. Eventually I bought my own car - an old Rover 75 (1935 model) This was often known as the poor mans Rolls royce, a real treat to own and lovely to drive once you got used to the long bonnet. I loved the old fashioned headlamps. Like Steph, someone drove into the side of me at 60 mph and wrote it off. Then I bought a old Minibus which eventually gave up the ghost and I sold it to someone for scrap. Three months later the police contacted me as they had not notified change of ownership and had robbed a TV shop using the minibus. Although I do not drive now I love old cars and my favourite has got to be the old Rover 75.

Wednesday 2 August 2006 - 11:29AM (BST)

right, here's
1st - Vauxhaul Cavelier... the very first/original shape, similar to a, remeber those.
2nd - C Reg one, had my fist accident in this, rounded a bend and plughed into the back of stationary traffic.
3rd - E reg seirra sapphire red 1.8LX... with my first car phone which took up half the boot space.
4th - G reg sierra sapphire white 1.8lx..with a spoiler on the first 'new' car
5th - H reg Toyota Celica GT Black Auto..just as the 'rounded' shape came out..
6th - J reg Toyota Celica GT Grey manual... replacment for the above after the wheel bearings went within the first year.
7th - M reg Citreon Xantia, most reliable car i ever had.
8th - P reg sierra blue, company i worked for decided to lease ex rental cars..this one lasted me 3 days due to the gear box and bent chassis
9th - P reg sierra white, not much better than the last one but lasted a little longer till i quit, left the car at a friends house in Nexcastle, told the company to sollect it from there..they were based on the south
10th - Subaru Legacy 2.5 quad cam..damn fantastic car, best I ever owned..but not that reliable.
11th - Isuzu Trooper Citation..still got and love (but gonna sell it soon)
12th - BMW 3 series .. still got and like

Wednesday 2 August 2006 - 03:14PM (BST)

dude,never been behind the wheel of a car, but am an expert at driving folks up the wall,if that counts,lol;)

Wednesday 2 August 2006 - 08:41AM (PDT)

cars!! -interesting one Marty-

1st Vauxhall Viva estate -useful at Uni for taking people up to the motorway on their birthday so they had to make their way back -naked of course -sorry - but I was a student!!

2nd - blue avenger -good car -but died in Soutampton
3rd -Gold Rover of my dads -he gave it to us a present but it only lasted 3 months before it failed its MOT on countless charges!
4th Ford Escort -good grief that was bad -had to be started with the choke which had to be pulled out by putting your feet on the dashboard and if it was cold you had to keep pulling it out and that wasnt gfun drivving thru Leicester one day at all the traffic lights
Thenhad series of Peugeot 405 and406 which were lovely smooth cars
My wife (ex) had a Peugeot 306 GTi for a year -BOY was that fun to drive -just WOW round corners and acceleration etc
Now - little old Peugeot 206 W reg pretty reliable and constant

Wednesday 2 August 2006 - 04:53PM (BST)

So Tim takes us from the memories of old cars to the memories of the first cell phones lol - mine was that big, a telephone box would have been easier to carry lol

Wednesday 2 August 2006 - 08:17PM (BST)

I have TC too, R reg, I worry that I don't do enough to it but it doesn't need fussing. Mines like yours but dark blue with hint of purple.

Thursday 3 August 2006 - 09:46PM (CEST)

My first car is Beijing jeep made in Beijing,China.Then came Volks Wagan and Oriental Delica,also made in China,one month ago,a Red Flag and a Honda worked for me and now I have Toyota and Honda, they are all made in China,i hope someday I would have a taste of the cars made in other countries with China's entry in WTO.

Friday 4 August 2006 - 03:56PM (


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