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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog: compilation of blogs posted about World Cup Football June 2006

Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Friday, October 05, 2007

compilation of blogs posted about World Cup Football June 2006

England's World Cup blog 1
England's World Cup blog 1 magnify
Here goes with my first world cup blog.
I don't remember a bigger build up to the world cup or any major footie tournament in my life time. The flags have been out for at least 6 weeks and I feel the real excitement in the air. With the danger of stating the number one cliche, this time really does feel like a proper chance of winning this tournament. I reckon the other teams (including the major ones) are pretty scared of the world class players we have.

Its great news to see that Rooney has been passed fit to play. My question is.... if we slip up in one of the first 2 group games, will Sven stick Rooney on the bench for the last games against Sweden?
I'm looking forward to watching Germany v Costa Rica tomorrow. There is usually an upset in the first game of any world cup tournament, so I predict Germany will score early on in the first half and then fail to hit the target for the rest of the match. The game will end a 1-1 draw with Costa Rica equalizing fairly late in the second half which will result in the Germans being booed off the pitch. For the tournament as a whole, this will probably spark the Germans into life. They have a history of getting through the stages un-noticed and I reckon they will be semi finalist as least.
As far as England v Paraguay is concerned, I see this as a 2-0 win for us. Goals will likely be from Crouch and Joe Cole. Lets hope Sol Campbell gets a goal this tournament, having been denied twice before.

What do you think Nik? (BTW good luck with your diet mate - I'm doing something similar myself) Image


I agree, alot of hype! Even tho I love it, I cant help think its media/consumer driven. There were alot of moans and groans by major corps when they thought rooney wouldnt be carrying their logos in the world cup. But I think they have already had their moneys worth. No publicity is bad publicity. As to the hype surrounding the England team, with gerrard, lampard, cole *2, and beckham, we have got alot of players respected as at the top of world football, England have never had so many players in that position! Just consider gerrard the other week...knackered to the point of hardly walking, man marked out of the game, and still single-handedly inspired his team to win the trophy!

Thursday 8 June 2006 - 04:34PM (BST) t

Hey, mate:) I love the whole hype and build up to this tournament, in my heart of hearts I believe we can do it - C'MON ENGLAND:) Like everybody I agree Brazil are as lethal as ever, but we can still beat them. Pray it doesn't go to penalties!! ;) The expectation of being hosts will break Germany, last 16, I think. I have a sneaky feeling about the Dutch, lets hope I'm wrong, lol:)

England's World Cup blog 2
England's World Cup blog 2 magnify

I'm just finishing nights and preparing for a little sleep this morning prior to the game this afternoon. My son Craig wants to go watch the game with me at the pub. I've said we could do that for some games and the landlady said its ok to bring him in. I think I might give it a miss for this game though. The pub is going to work out a bit pricey. I'd rather just get some lagers from the Off License and watch this one in doors. Its only the first game after all. Maybe I'll give the booze a miss too this time while I'm working on losing the beer bellyImage

The first couple of games have been good, especially the Germany v Costa Rica game. I'd really like to see Joe Cole put on an extra special performance today. I've got visions of him going down the wing and cutting inside as he did in the last friendly game against Jamica. I'm sticking with my 2-0 prediction despite getting the Germany prediction wrong.

Its fantastic to see our fans behaving well out there. Lets hope that continues and all the nations fans have fun and enjoy the atmosphere. This tournament has the potential to be the best world cup ever and I think it might be.

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Saturday 10 June 2006 - 06:44AM

England's World Cup blog 3
England's World Cup blog 3 magnify

Good to see Craig and Billy dressed up for the match yesterday.

I guess the game was slightly disappointing. I would have been better to see some more goals. At least our next 2 matches are later in the day so our guys are not out in all that heat. So far, luck seems to be on our side. Lets hope it carries on.

I relented in the end last night and bought some lagers for the evening. I compromised on some Fosters instead of my preferred Stella though.

The Argentina game was good. It shows they are still a force to be reckoned with, so we will have to be on top form if we meet them in the later stages.

Plans today are to cut the grass out the front and then watch the games. Gonna go for a run later with the lads. The running evenings are getting more popular with another lad wanting to come with us. I'd like to see it develop into a little athletic club. If more lads join, I think I'll bring it under the banner of the Birchington Youth Club.

Sunday 11 June 2006 - 10:57AM (BST)

England's World Cup blog 4.... 15 June 2006
England's World Cup blog 4.... 15 June 2006 magnify
Craig has put our England flag up on his bedroom door - Good Lad!!

I missed the first half of the match today because my college course didn't finish until 5.30pm. I caught the last 10 mins of the first half on the car radio - 5 live. Commentry made it sound bad, and they way we started the 2nd half made that quite clear! Our lads just didn't look like they were interested Image. Do you ever get the frustrating pit in your stomach that occasionally makes it so hard to watch England? At least it got better. I thought at first that Crouch should have been taken off due to his woefull miss in the first half. Boy am I glad I was wrong. Well done Peter for doing the business. All credit to Sven for sticking with him. Aaron Lennon really made a difference for us and deserves to start the rest of the games. He was the only one who seemed to have any urgency in the side. Again. what a fab goal from Gerrard.

I reckon Rooney deserves a start in the next game against Sweden. If it proves we have won the group tonight, its got to be an opportunity got Woollcott to kick a ball in the tournament. Mind you, whatever happens, we still have to see off the spooks and make sure we beat Sweden to make up for losses we have had against them. Roll on the 2nd round.

Thursday 15 June 2006 - 08:35PM (BST)

Alright, mate:) I agree with all of the above. When Lennon arrived it seemed to make a difference, even Downing, to a degree. What happened to good old 4-4-2, with wide men that can skin a lad and get the ball into the box for an early cross? If we used that tactic, Crouch would scare the hell out of every defence in the tournament. As for Gerrard, a blockbuster goal again - though him and Lampard still need to sort out who's holding, who's going forward. Was good to see Rooney back. You can tell it's the World Cup - his name doesn't even get mentioned here - Blue Nation still hasn't forgiven him for his defection to United, lol;)

Friday 16 June 2006 - 01:45AM (PDT)

See what you mean about Rooney and his defection. I felt the same about Sol Campbell going to the Gunners. ;-)

England's World Cup blog 5
England's World Cup blog 5 magnify

Cheers 360 team for the updated improvements.

You guys might notice that I've updated my theme to ENGERRRRLAAAAND! (for the time being). I upset my daughter yesterday by replacing my PC background with a suitable footy theme too which I picked up from ITV website - World Cuppa. Would you beleive, yet another place to blog (or at least Vlog). Its quite funny really. I sent them my little home made vid. of Sven impersonation and recieved a reply telling me it was rejected because it broke their guidelines (I guess they thought it may have been defamatory). The thing is, I sent it via email to them as well as uploading it and I recieved another reply accepting it. Image


Got to be Crouch and Rooney for me, mate:) Owen, although a world class predator on his day, just doesn't look fit.

Sunday 18 June 2006 - 08:46AM (PDT)

England's World Cup blog 6
Its seems we still don't know whether Michael Owen will play against Sweden. I Reckon Peter Crouch is going to miss this next game bearing in mind he has a yellow card. Why let him pick up another card and fact the prospect of having to miss the next round. The same has to be said for Lampard and Gerrard.
Memories of France 98. My missus had me fixing a gate on our kitchen door that evening while the game was on. It was really frustrating because I could not focus my mind on the game and as a result, when Owen scored, I was busy with a screwdriver. So my first sight of the goal was the replay seconds later

intermediate World cup Blog 20th June 2006
Hmmm..... Seems Deutchland have gone 1 up early onImage.

All the more reason for us to win tonight, which I think we will. I'm just setting up the Barbecue right now. 1st one of the year for us. I managed to persuade Christine to get some lagers in for tonights match. I would have rather gone down the pub to watch it, however, it looks like we will be watching it a home. Chris bought some cheap mini lager bottles. Looks like its gonna be a Stella free zone (not a bad thing really coz the Stella really does put the weight on for me).
Watch this space for game reaction tonight.
21st June 2006

England's World Cup blog 7 magnify
Eriksson's worst fear becomes reality after Owen crocked

What a shame about Owen.
I can't believe we let in such a soft goal at the end to make it 2-2. What happened there? John Terry missed it and Ashley Cole ran away from it. Still, it was not a bad result against a proper ranked side. I think we have the right route now to progress. I good professional approach to Ecuador should ensure we got to the quarter finals without too much hassle.
I'm gonna miss the Argentina v Holland match tonight because we have a Karaoke night on at the youth club. Its looking hopefull that loads of local kids are gonna turn up. My Daughter Dawn has invited a load of her friends. Its the relaunch night for the club and we are hoping to encourage a whole load more kids who have never been before.

England's World Cup blog 8
England's World Cup blog 8 magnify

I manged to see the win against Ecuador down the pub this afternoon. Luck does seem to be with us at the moment. If we had come 2nd in the group, I don't think we would have got past Germany. We seem to be on the easier route through to the final on the right side of the draw. It was peasing to see us play much better in the 2nd half. It makes a change. It proves that England can mix it around a bit and be unpredictable.

Talking of luck, what a mess in the Portugal v Holland game. Its gonna be tough for Portugal against us now without Deco and a host of other players on 1 yellow coz if those players pick up another yellow next Saturday, they will get suspended (assuming they get through). We really must take advantage of the good fortune and up our game. Its the best chance we have to go all they way.

I predict Agentina will go out to Germany. With the Germans having home advantage, I reckon Argies will get hot headed about decisions that won't go their way in the game. It could end up as a repeat of Portugal v Holland tonight.

Re. next Saturday. It would be interesting to see Lennon on from the start and Woolcott playing up front with Rooney. That would give us a lot of pace!

Sunday 25 June 2006 - 11:17PM (BST)

England's World Cup blog 9
England's World Cup blog 9 magnify

I'm really hoping that we will see much more of Aaron Lennon in this afternoons crucial game. I've got a feeling that the game is going to be much more high tempo this time with England pressing Portugal throughout. I wonder it we might finally see some of Theo Walcott today, perhaps towards the end of the game if Rooney runs himself out (having scored at least one goal and been provider of 2 more using his flash of genius as seen again Ecuador when Lampard should have scored). Our guys really need to start living up to the billing today... save the best to last though for the final. It needs to be that way. Look at Argentina who clearly peaked too early in this tournament, as did Spain.

Saturday 1 July 2006 - 10:54AM (BST)


Its all over Image I'm speechless

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Saturday 1 July 2006 - 06:52PM


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