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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Family

I was sat at my usual place when not at work (in front of the computer) yesterday morning and Christine was watching daytime TV. Not the most gripping of TV for me but I periodically glanced over at the screen and something caught my eye. The face of a dark haired lady that was more than a little familiar. Paying a little more attention, I started shouting insanely at the TV.
"That's Simon..... and TOM! and Jane. I don't believe it. It's Simon!"

Simon is an old friend I've not seen for a couple of years. I met Simon and Jane when I did the Alpha course back in 2002. In fact I wrote about my Alpha experience a couple of years ago click here. I've just re-read that blog and realised I mentioned Simon in it.

Of course this meant I just had to watch the programme. It was more than fascinating to watch the intimate portrayal of people I know personally... well certainly Simon and Jane. My son was a little friendly with Tom too. Can't say I know the girls too well having only met them briefly.
There are those who will say that a "fly on the wall" programme such as this is too set up. I'd say that its Simon and Jane very much as I know them. The first thing I noticed about Simon when I met him those few years ago is his smiling face and hearty laugh. For myself as a person interested in people and "who they are" this programme really touched me. This first episode made me laugh, but also shead tears at some of the family situations that are similar to my own in emotion. What is broadcast here really is family life as I experience it with my own. Laughter, arguments, affection, crisis, eating a meal together... its all there.

There will be those of you outside the UK who can't see the Programme on TV, but it is availble as a download or streaming at this link on Channel 4 on demand.

There's also some background and short video's about the making of the series here.

If you've seen it or plan to watch, please let me know what you think. This is mainly because I guess I'm unable to watch myself with an unbiased view.


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