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The gift of life and choice

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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog: The gift of life and choice

Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Monday, December 20, 2010

The gift of life and choice

I’ve spent some time thinking about my life goals over the last couple of weeks, evaluating differing ways of writing them and what content is relevant to keep me focused.

One particular phrase came to mind for the reason why I was choosing a specific goal. This was “To learn and accept that I am a worthy person and what I do has a degree of importance to the world as I see it, in the grand scheme of things”.
I decided this is a pretty important statement to make. It’s a revelation that has become more than simply words. I know there is plenty written on this very concept. There are times when we read things and they are little more than words. Every now and then however, a true meaning becomes apparent. To try to explain that is frankly beyond words. So I’ll simply write what came into my head at the time of this revelation.

The fact that we all exist as human beings must have some reason. We have choice to a large degree in what we do with our lives, even if that is simply how we choose to think.

So…… we can choose to decide that our life has some meaning. Let’s face it, why not? If we choose not to, then the future will seem pretty bleak and we will simply submissive to whatever the world throws at us.

If you are reading this, be aware that you chose to read it. You made a conscious decision to do so. The page did not choose you, you chose it! You exercised your power of choice. If someone is reading this to you, you have chosen to listen to it. We have the power to determine so many parts of our lives.

Make a decision about today.

Make a decision about tomorrow.

Do this in the clear knowledge that you CAN determine your future, whatever that may be.

Seasonal greetings.....


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