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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog: Self Healing - achieving goals with a purpose.

Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Self Healing - achieving goals with a purpose.

Have you ever experienced that moment of feeling particularly unwell with all the symptoms enhanced? 
Have you then suddenly felt miraculously better the moment you have called your doctor and made an appointment, followed by the symptoms almost disappearing the moment you actually visit the doctor? There's a temptation to "put it on a bit" to justify the reason for calling the doctor in the first place. That "wishful thinking" I suspect can actually make the illness worse, simply by calling it into being.
Generates a bit of guilt doesn't it.

In truth, I believe that the mere action of doing something about it (calling the doctor) triggers our bodies natural response to heal. Somehow, we have some sort of faith that we will be healed because we have apportioned some of the responsibility onto someone else - the doctor.  Without realising it, we have set ourselves a goal - I must call the doctor - followed by actions - making that call. It's a simple and natural process really.

So, why not apply this simple process to the whole of our lives. 

I've been reading so much about this sort of material recently. It really does make sense. There is logic and evidence. This creates the faith to confirm it actually is going to work. 

I have created a screen saver on my PC at work that states "The process of your positive and focused mind provides the success you deserve". 

I didn't see this written anywhere else, I simply thought it up myself. I guess that way, I take ownership of the statement which makes it more believable. It's a goal I've set myself.

If you are looking for healing in your life, whether that be physical healing or simply looking to fix some aspect of your life, visualising and setting a goal for the future, working out the process and believing each stage of the process is achievable, no matter how small, is the way to go. The most important part is to action it. 
Like choosing to call the doctor when you feel particularly unwell (a logical process), that ACTION part is what starts the healing process. Lets face it, it can't be any worse than doing nothing at all. 

Wishing you healing in your life for whatever that may be. 


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