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How to overcome the imposter we call "failure"

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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog: How to overcome the imposter we call "failure"

Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Saturday, February 12, 2011

How to overcome the imposter we call "failure"

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What we perceive other think of us is what forms the belief we have of ourselves.

We can look at failure in a different light. It could be described as successfully discovering what does not work thereby clearing the clutter. Eventually, we will be left with the inevitable. What DOES work!

This is very simplistically demonstrated in the little game I have embedded at the top of today's blog. With practice, concentration and focus you go through the process of picking cards that we think match. We make errors along the way until the board is completed. We may then choose to go to the next level. It's kinda fun and can be a a little addictive, yes? 

Every time we make a mistake in the game, we learn something and make an adjustment. If we chose not to click on any cards at all, how incredibly boring is that? Just staring at a bunch of face down cards!    

If you are looking to overcome so perceived fear of failure, the only way to do that is to "turn over the life challenge cards". Be prepared to make mistakes and choose to have fun with it. 

If you are going to play the card game above and someone is watching you, they might take an interest or they may not be at all bothered. 

Referring to my first sense on this blog; what others think of us is simply irrelevant to our journey to discovering our own truth. There is nothing wrong with seeking advice from others, but be aware that our journey is different from others. 

Other people may think they have the perfect answer for us. Chances are they are probably wrong in our case. 

Take the bits of advice and learning that are useful to you and discard that which is not. If others laugh and gossip about you as you move forward, that is up to them and frankly, not any of our business. 

Today's blog has been inspired by Douglas Cartwright "A

new philosophy about failure…?"

Today's exercise is one that I highly recommend giving a try. It works for me and I've seen it work for others. There are many many different versions of it. Go try them and see which works best for you. Guided Visualisation works for many people. 

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