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originally posted 2nd July 2006 - anniversary

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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog: originally posted 2nd July 2006 - anniversary

Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Friday, October 05, 2007

originally posted 2nd July 2006 - anniversary

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Phew!! What a hot day today. Temperature up to around 28 degrees.....

Today has been my wedding anniversary, 18 years.

Its a bit odd really. We didn't do anything or go out and celebrate, mainly because money is a bit short and I guess Christine and I don't really go out as a couple any more. ooer... I can sense the female readers of this post getting shocked and concerned already Image. Anyhow, thats just how it is with us. Kara wanted to look at our wedding photo's (I guess thats pretty typical for an 8 yr old.

With all the heat, I felt really tired today and crashed out for the afternoon. I think it was partly because I lone worked 12 hours yesterday. For some reason, lone working is much more tiring... probably coz' there is not much chance for a break. I'm on 12 hr lone working night shift now, so tommorow is gonna be hard to sleep with all that heat in the day.


Marty - as a female reader of your blogs I am not shocked at all. Your life with your wife is...whatever it is and has developed however it has developed. That is between you and Chris and is nobody's business but yours. To make judgements on someone elses do's or don'ts is rather irrelevant doncha think? Reading that last comment I'm sounding grumpy, and not feeling that way at all. You can change your way of life, or can leave it how it is - if you are unhappy with it - then you have choices! :o)

Lone working in your business - hmm, what about your personal safety? Are there any regulations or strategies for you to call for extra help if something goes wrong? Is there anyone nearby that can come to your help in an emergency? Might be worth asking about if not! And yes, you will be taking the full brunt of all these boys difficult emotional stuff, on one pair of shoulders, so its unsurprising you are feeling tired. Emotional stuff takes up personal energy, and you have to use that energy a lot of the time - for 12 hours!!!!!!!

Day time sleeping must be difficult when its hot, and your body clock must be up the chute as well with all these different shift working. I wish you a peaceful sleep. And if you find you are going round and round in your head, then do some journaling - have a cup of tea and try again. It works for me.

hugs steph

Monday 3 July 2006 - 08:04PM (BST)

Bless you Steph,

I guessed you would understand.
The lone working is a bit of a fact of life at the moment. Yes, there are others I can call on that a reasonably local, but if anything really gets out of hand, its a simple call to the police. We're just waiting for more staff right now which is needed quite urgently, particularly as our occupancy has gone up to 15+

I find night time is quite good for journalling. Its a time for reflection and all. Thanks again for your support. Its really valuable to me.


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