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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog: An unexpected surprise - customer service

Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

An unexpected surprise - customer service

The picture was taken in Torquay by myself early on Monday morning when I managed to get out for a run.

A few weeks ago I ordered some sheet music from USA. I've been patiently waiting for it to arrive each day to no avail. Today I decided to send a message to the merchant inquiring about the status that has been listed "pending". With a couple of hours I received an apologetic reply stating that there was a problem with their online ordering system causing them to run out of stock. Apparently, somebody was supposed to inform me about this but failed to do so. News is that it was dispatched last Friday and should be with me very shortly. I was offered a $20 gift voucher as a goodwill gesture, which I have accepted. Now with all the problems I've experienced with customer service departments recently (like the "talk talk" one) its encouraging to actually get a response that is absolutely appropriate. It doesn't take much. I will now definitely order more music from the site (had thought about it anyway). I can accept that errors are made, but getting a swift and appropriate response makes for definite loyal custom. Well done

I return to work tomorrow. I'm still not feeling 100% and I've still had some episodes of anxiety today. They have been less panic and more on the depressed side. Again, these are episodes that cause me real distress while they are happening. Right now, I'm ok, but there's no knowing when the next attack will occur. I was going to go out to band tonight, but chose not to this time. I've done enough confronting demons in the last few days and feel like a rest from it.... just tonight anyway.


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