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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog: Motivation

Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It plays a part in all our lives. I'm wondering about the effectiveness of it upon an individual dependent upon "where we are" in the cycle of our lives. Much of the work I'm involved in now revolves around the promotion of motivation. I'm just free thinking here. There are so many factors that affect motivation...... environment, mood, health, interaction with others, previous life experience.
There are times when I think everyone can get enthusiastic about something, but depending upon the foundations built, our motivation can be knocked so easily.

A simple example. I've been looking forward to play in a contest with the band I play for. The band has had some changes and I'm enjoying the current regime and getting more out of the music, however I've been aware that I may not make the grade as a player and may not be selected to play in the competition. It seems my gut feeling may be right and on that count I have received some unofficial feedback last night that I may indeed be dropped. Despite being philosophical about this, I couldn't help feeling a little de-motivated for a short while. However, unlike other times with other challenges, I quickly got over it and feel fine. Nothing is confirmed yet and I have a possible back up plan. At another time, I believe I would have felt far more down in the dumps over the situation. So... why is it not the case this time?

1. Right now I am really happy with my new job and feel full of confidence.
2. My confidence has given me a clear mind I can perceive possible obstacles. I've been able to plan ahead.
3. I'm far more relaxed and able to see the bigger picture. i.e. able to evaluate what is most important in my life. My mind is operating with more maturity. I feel fit enough to take a few knocks, so long as they are not too hard.
4. Now that I'm working sane hours as opposed to shift work, I have more routine in my life. My environment is more comfortable.

I recognize of course that this can all be temporary. In the mean time, its about making the most of the good times. Other challenges will come along, but I'm not spending too much time of thinking about that. I've spent more that enough time walling in self pity in the past, but that is not now.

Promoting motivational techniques is great theory, but unless we experience and acknowledge the hard times, the theory cannot work alone. It needs time, patience, understanding, empathy and perseverance before the fruits begin to appear.

Final thoughts....
RULE 1. Have backup plans....


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