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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog: The Coaching Academy - An Evaluation

Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Coaching Academy - An Evaluation

It was about a month ago whilst researching for inspirational material that I came across the possibility to attend a 2 day training event with "The Coaching Academy". I registered my interest and received an invite. 
My thoughts were, I've nothing to lose. Simply a weekend of my time plus the cost of travel. My thoughts were: the minimum to gain would be to network with lots of people with a like mind. 
I prepared myself for the possibility of hard selling techniques, being aware there is a history of this sort of thing when there is a give away.
Arriving at the hotel Saturday morning, everything appeared fine. It was good to see that all seats were taken. I'd guess that everyone who signed up actually turned up. 

The trainers were very friendly and professional. Right from the off, our minds were put at rest with a calm and confident statement that there would be no hard sell. Costs for signing up to the full training would be supplied at the end and that would be that. 

Trainers showed a great respect for all the people attending this event recognising that people were coming for various reasons, and if that was simply to gain a little taster of coaching that was fine. 

There was a great, positive atmosphere over the whole weekend that certainly was not "over the top" as far as I was concerned. 

This training contained some goal setting techniques and questioning techniques that are somewhat similar to what I already know and use. The benefit of seeing and practising this certainly added value for me. Working in small groups and pairs as often happens on training day, one person wrote some feedback on my workbook that touched me. She wrote "Good natured soul!" That was a real blessing. We had only met and spoke about 10 minutes for the exercise. I'll treasure that kind compliment.

I was also pleased to see that there wasn't a massive reference to gaining enormous riches. Earning money was, of course referred to, but I'd say it was secondary to the ethos of having the opportunity to do something worthwhile for those of us that were seeking. 

Marks out of 10? I'd give it a definite 10. 

As for signing up for the training myself. Well I'll see. It isn't cheap, but that is to be expected when loss leader weekends such as these are put on. I don't have that sort of money at the moment and would have to borrow if I do go forward with it in the short term. (I'll not mention the costs here out of respect for the organisation). You really do need to see the whole weekend event to appreciate the value of what is on offer. 

I made some nice contacts with some very nice and friendly people. 

I've no reason to doubt the integrity of "The Coaching Academy" and have not found any significant negative feedback about them. That is simply my opinion and I'd love to here from anyone else with their experiences. 
I'm happy to promote them here. After all, I've had the benefit of their free training, so I feel it's worthy to return the compliment with a little promotion.

I'm now looking forward to Steven Aitchison's Mind Alchemy material for February. I'll likely write about that here too. Watch this space. 

Throughout the days during breaks, some pleasant music was played. Today, I particularly enjoyed some Frank Sinatra.

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