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Can you keep a good Countenance?

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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog: Can you keep a good Countenance?

Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Can you keep a good Countenance?

courtesy of Ricky David.  
countenance [ˈkaʊntɪnəns]
1. the face, esp when considered as expressing a person's character or mood a pleasant countenance
2. support or encouragement; sanction
3. composure; self-control (esp in the phrases keep or lose one's countenance; out of countenance)
vb (tr)
1. to support or encourage; sanction
2. to tolerate; endure


As if by magic, these words came to me about an hour ago, so I again engaged in a little research. 

A deep seated desire in all humanity is to feel happy and content with our lives. I can't imagine anyone disagreeing with that statement. It is something that we create in our minds. Well at least I know I do. I have mind pictures that detail what I see and how I am likely to feel. 

The sight of a gentle sunset across the ocean after a warm summers day.
The sight of crisp and unbroken snow at dusk that displays a blue glow accompanied by the sound of silence. 

These thoughts and feelings cause me to smile. A genuine and authentic smile, when directed at another person is attractive. This is more than just raising the muscles in the cheeks and flashing your teeth. It appears in the eyes. The pupils dilate and eyes twinkle like two shining stars in the night sky. I've experienced the smile of people and I find that it touches my soul. Often the smile is returned because I have smiled at somebody first. A genuine smile can grant peace an security. It expresses agape love

If you are seeking to feel happy and content, you can begin by keeping a good countenance in public.

Resolve to smile at somebody with generosity and see if they smile back. Of course some people will not and that is just fine. Pass them by. They may have troubles they are dealing with and the moment was not the right time. Continue on with your good countenance. 

If somebody smiles at you with shining eyes and generosity, respond in kind. A passing comment in the street "Good afternoon" may just lighten somebodies day!


Day 5 of Mind Alchemy is a really interesting exercise. I've only managed just under half of it. All this ties in really well to the first 4 days work. If you have not already seen and engaged in the programme, you sign up for it click here.

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