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21st August 2006

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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog: 21st August 2006

Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Monday, October 08, 2007

21st August 2006

Who gets 1st choice for the TV in our house?
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Well.... The answer to this question is......... Kara.

All through the summer holidays, our lounge TV has developed a monogomous relationship with the TV channel "Tiny Pop". In fact, the only occasions the "idiots lantern" in the corner of the room plays away and has an affair, it is for the sole purpose of visiting "CBeebies". Whether Kara decides to play on the computer, go upstairs to her bedroom and play with her toys, or go in the garden, any attempt by yours truly to sneakily change over to something a little more interesting, I'm met with "Daaaaaaaa..aaad, I was watching that!"
For those of you not familiar with Tiny Pop. Most of the programmes are continuous repeats of Madeline, Frankin, Babar, Timothy Goes to School and Marvin the tapdancing horse (which has a character in it called Elizabeth the emotional Pig Image. ) Its rather ironic that TinyPop logo has 3 monkeys on it. "Speak no... See no.... Hear no..." come to mind.
So, it is with a bowed head and scalded soul, I find myself banished to the bedroom TV where I can chill out to watch a little UKTV History. That is, of course providing daughter no.1 Dawn is not watching The O.C. or taping a film she wants to see (not for its content, but because Orlando Bloom, or Jonny Depp is in it!) Now comes the final realisation that Marty's castle is not his own. It has been hijacked by children and teenagers who are squatting in said property. Its enough to drag you out the the pub..... Hmmmm thats quite a reasonable option on reflection.

Right... OK... Thats got THAT out of the way. Image

Its been a odd morning.... I had reparation work booked today with the Youth Offending Team. I drove down to Dover to pick up a couple of lads (brothers) but received a call just before I got there to say they were not there. This happens from time to time and comes with the territory with this sort of work. So... it was back to Ramsgate to meet with the other leaders and young people to do some charity car cleaning. Trouble was, by the time we got organised, the heavens opened. (I have a dubious reputation amongst my co-workers at YOT as a rain bringer). So we were sat with a bunch of teenagers (who did not want to be there, obviously) just waiting to see if the rain would stop... which it didn't. There was much signing and "Hrmmph" ing accompanied by various attempts at attention seeking behaviour). In the end, we popped into a cafe for lunch, then called it a day. Still, at least I get paid for a days work plus fuel expenses. It would have been nice to achieve something though. I might have even got my car washed!

I was planning to attempt something in the spralling rain forest that masquerades as my garden, but we now have a thunder storm and heavy rain. Image So it has been back to my old friend Yahoo 360 for a little internet therapy.

Had a touch of the old mood swings yesterday.... not been able to sleep as comfortably as usual in the last few days for some reason. I've felt a touch of that old adversary "anxiety" a bit. Pleased to say its not so bad today.


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dont you just love having to sit there and enjure children's TV, in our house its either the Power rangers, fairly Odd Parents( apt program for our house) and Spongebob.
Now we have 4 TV's in our house, main lounge, back lounge kitchen and bedroom... the kids also have there own portable dvd players in their bedrooms.... but still I can never get to watch what i want..until all occupants are asleep. As for the weekend if its not the kids watching their programs it's tara watching the Holyoaks, eastenders and corrie omnibusses and now the x factor reruns due to missing them when the kids are in control of the reomte.
Why should we stand for such actions, men should unite and take hostage of the tvand the remote...then again, would are lives be made too much of a misery?

Monday 21 August 2006 - 04:30PM (BST)

Kara is a beautiful young lady, and you are a lucky man! In our house Tyler gets the TV from 3-6 everyday, then when Andrew gets home from work he gets it, so I don't have any TV time to myself. I have seen all the scooby-doo's (hence the name) and Playhouse Disney, sometimes it's Dora the Explorer and Magic School Bus. By the time he starts school i'll be TVed out!
Ah well, that's the role of a mommy!
smiles x

Monday 21 August 2006 - 05:05PM (BST)

Ah the joys of having two adult kids - the TV is free and no kiddie programmes to endure!

Your time will come...


Monday 21 August 2006 - 06:04PM (BST)

I don't miss childrens TV one little bit! But trust me, sometimes the choices are not that great this side of the fence, all the main channels seem to show are house buying ones ( no wonder there's so much debt back there1) or 'antique' ones, in the loosest sense of the word! Even the Bill has gone from UK Gold in the afternoons! Soon the hols will be over and the adults will regain the world of TV! Yay!

Monday 21 August 2006 - 06:37PM (BST)

Time for Daddy to purchase The Omnipotent Remote Controller. (Sorry, it does not work on the children unfortunately.) ;)

Monday 21 August 2006 - 02:41PM (EDT)

Gareth my youngest is usually in charge of the tv whenever he is here but thats not so bad he likes sport. Rooney was amazing but we will miss him for the next 3, ridiculous.

Monday 21 August 2006 - 09:24PM (BST)

Well, looks like you have been banned!! There are only the two of us in our house and we have 4 tv's so we really don't have to worry about getting to watch what we want. Neither one of like what the other one like to watch so if a tv is on in this house it is usually 2. Thank heavens the cartoons are out of this house except when the grandkids are here!! I would rather be on my 360 than I would watching the boob tube anyway!! You have a great day and a good week. Big Hugs!!

Monday 21 August 2006 - 02:53PM (MDT)

Us grown ups don't watch a lot of tv around here either! I try to set myself half an hour for Eastenders or something but up to around 6 o'clock, it's Cbeebeies! Well, I am now trying to wean my older boy on to CBBC which has slightly better programmes and less repetition. Still, I'd rather watch proper telly later when I can watch it undisturbed!

Monday 21 August 2006 - 09:53PM (BST)

I have a bigger problem with 4 children who choose what to watch and the fifth child is to young to have a say....well he is 2 months and 3 weeks.
When I get down in the morning it is normally my eldest son and youngest daughter fighting over who has the remote.

I agree with the comment about no matter where the children are you turn the TV over and you here a voice or 2 saying I`m watching that.

Oh well, the fun of being a parent lol

Monday 21 August 2006 - 11:44AM (GMT+12)


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