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24th August 2006

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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog: 24th August 2006

Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Monday, October 08, 2007

24th August 2006

Some stuff about band & the next episode of 2001 writings
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Hi again folks.

I've got summut a little different for you today (and close to my heart) as well as another episode of my scribblings from 2001.
I'm happy to say I went down to the brass band again last night and thoroughly enjoyed it again. They gave me a mention on their website which was cool.

As a result of my renewed interest in this musical foray, I dug out some old CD's to listen too. I got to thinking what it is about "banding" that is so appealing. Well, its playing music that bring powerful emotions whilst remaining gritty as well. Just like the film "Brassed off" that depicts the banding fraternity well, albeit, the music they used in the film for band contests did dumb things down.
Ya see, the music we play for competition (contesting) is much more highbrow than "Floral Dance". In fact, the music generates the same sort of emotions that opera can generate as I stated in an earlier blog a couple of weeks ago. Much of it is like the sort of music used in films. Today, I'm sharing some of this music, put together with a visual montage.
Some Warning! The images I have used (gathered from the net today) are powerful and deliberately so. This music for me is very "visual" so the pics are an insight to the feelings it gives me.

I listened this morning to a brass arrangement of I piece I played with KM Gillingham band some 10 years ago. Its called "Paganini Variations" , arranged by Philip Wilby and played by The Grimethorpe Colliery Band. The music, for me generates a roller coaster of emotions, not the least for the haunting slow Flugal Horn. In fact this brought tears to my eyes because it brought back memories of 1996 (the time I played this with the band) which was the year Christine lost a daughter due to still birth. Although the music is quite sad, it generates that kind of warm fluffy feeling that unburdons the soul.
I've cut large chunks out of the music because the actual piece is over 16 minutes long. I've managed to cut it down to around six mins without missing the most important parts. Those of you that remember the TV programme "South Bank Show" with Melvin Bragg will recognise the Paganini theme shortly after the intro.

If that didn't "float you boat"... then here is part 2 of this blog.... 2001 scribblings.
(N.B. I originally posted this using YouTube but the pics. got out of sinc. dur to me trying to be clever and converting the file to dvx. Its now as it should be in wmv format via Google videos)

Worlds worst job. Answer = A Greeter in Asda supermarket. Job description. To grin with stupefying falseness like a Cheshire cat at unsuspecting shoppers and wear an oversized green badge with the clichéd legend “Happy to help” embossed upon it. I bet these people haven’t worn a badge this big since their 4th birthday party! It’s funny how the Asda balloons seem to add to this analogy. The “Greeter” then picks a microphone and informs us of the latest exciting and important news that “Peas are on special offer today at 2p a tin less than yesterday. WOW! I can’t wait to beat the almost fatal crush that will ensue as every shopper fights to get to the Peas isle before they run out (NOT!!) Another problem I ran into with Asda is that whilst popping in for a can of Coke or bar of chocolate during my lunch hour in Canterbury, wearing my Renault corporate blazer and tie, I’d guarantee to be approached by a shopper asking me where the cat food is, in their sure knowledge that I am an Asda employee. “Look, I don’t work here! OK?” I would then proceed to impart my limited knowledge that “I’m sure its three isles up on the left”, followed by asking a real Asda employee where it really is. Where-o-where is an Asda Greeter when you need one? Answer: Grinning at all the shoppers entering the store! This happened so often to myself and Nicky my friend and work colleague, that we started pretending to be official Asda Area Management and would discuss (in earshot of most shoppers) that we felt the cornflakes should be moved to the end of the shop because, being lightweight, it’s the last item paced in the shopping trolley due to its light weight. This would draw inquisitive eavesdropping from housewives who then couldn’t wait to get home and gossip to the friends about the news, proud that they heard it first. Nicky and I would then quickly disappear before we gave the game away with uncontrollable giggles.
Did the music generate any emotions for you and did the pics help?


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Hi marty, strange that you and I are both writing a bout music today and emotions! We must be telepathic! I loved the music and the video together, but for me without the video the music would not have aroused emotions - I sort of needed a "hint" as to what to relate this music to and without the pics I probably would not have responded as deeply. I guess that is the same for the pieces on the album I wrote about. My reaction to most of the Adiemus album is to glory in its harmonies, and I am guessing that being surrounded by a band and being in the middle and part of all that lovely sound must be incredible - so I can identify with your feelings. Its difficult for me sometimes to understand why others don't "get" what I do from some music - it just seems so obvious to me, and I am not them so perhaps that is just how life is!

Thursday 24 August 2006 - 06:02PM (BST)

Yes I found it powerful and yes more so because of the images. A great video!
Thank you once again for another posting of your 2001 pieces am loving em! x

Thursday 24 August 2006 - 09:09PM (BST)

I enjoyed the music so much, the video just increased its impact, and its when we see video clips like that, it puts a lot of the mundane into perspective, makes us realise that no matter how dire our own circumstances can be, there's always soemone else worse off, we know thats a saying, but its a very true one...The observational of the Adsa Greeter is just so funny, I love observational stuff, and I ofte find myself looking at things like that, at the moment, i ahve been going through a phase of really listening to people on Tv when they are interviewing others, and the absolutely stupid things they say, but often we don't really listen so miss them! I really wish some days I had the 'red button' to take a lot of the voices off the TV, going to rad the next bit of your mammoth blog now...but, keep them coming, its my escapism mechanism!

Friday 25 August 2006 - 12:54PM (BST)


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