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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Friday, January 25, 2008

Road Kill

I've been working on my fitness (kinda on and off) over the last couple of weeks..... well at least trying to keep up the regime by at least getting out for one run per week. It looks as if I'll be doing a charity run in London later this year. Trying to lose some weight is proving to be a bit hit and miss. This has occurred as a result of cooking at work. Last night, I cooked up Spag Bol. That went pretty well. Then, this evening, my work colleague came in with fresh, road kill pheasant! Now he has done this before and its a bit of a standard joke at the project. This time, it ended up as a full roast with spuds and vegetables. Pete insisted on stating that we were cooking roast PEASANT. Now that had me thinking of cooking Baldrick with turnips! Right now I'm absolutely stuffed having over eaten, particularly as Pete insisted on cooking pudding as well.

Gonna have to go out for a decent run tomorrow to burn it all off.

Anyone tried road kill? It's been a new adventure for me in recent months and something useful to learn about.