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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog: 9/28/08 - 10/5/08

Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Friday, October 03, 2008


It's been a busy week for me, and pretty tiring too. That's usually the case after working 6 days with the last four being 3pm to midnight shifts. I've had one of those days today where everything seems to have been a delay. First of all I got up late. That usually makes me feel more tired that usual. The weather has changed suddenly feeling very autumnal indeed with a cold sharp wind..... all contributing factors.
I needed to go to the bank for cash to pay for my wifes college course. Here starts the first delay. I waited 10 minutes behind someone as usual, when in a hurry there was only one teller at the till. Then it was a case of driving to the college with my wife. Now I knew my car was short on fuel but not that short! Guess who ran out of juice and had to walk half a mile to the petrol station to get some . Once that was done and I filled the tank properly at the station, we hit heavy school traffic. Nothing makes me more frustrated than traffic jams.
Finally, I got this job done and returned home. What a nightmare! LOL. Well, with today off as well as the whole weekend, I'm going to make the most of it.


I bought a little device on Ebay last week for recording direct onto my PC. It took me a while to work out how to use it and finally I've managed to transfer some VHS video I've had for a few years. This comes from my days at TV Jobshop when I occasionally did some short appearances! It was a laugh.
The video is quite useful as a stand alone advice clip for job seekers. Here it is. Let me know what you think.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rules for life

Its amazing what you can find on the internet if you bother to look. I guess I'm in one of those reflective moods tonight. I sense emotional turmoil of those around me whom I am close to, be it friends or my own family.

The following I found just a few moments and fits my ethics very closely indeed. It's the approach I attempt to use daily in my job, suffice to say that I struggle to keep these values very often, but they ARE at the core of my being.

NOTE: These values in no way replace my spiritual faith, but compliment it.

All credit to the author.

cherie carter-scott's rules of life

(Carter Scott references this quotation:) "Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood." (Helen Keller)

Rule One - You will receive a body. Whether you love it or hate it, it's yours for life, so accept it. What counts is what's inside.

Rule Two - You will be presented with lessons. Life is a constant learning experience, which every day provides opportunities for you to learn more. These lessons specific to you, and learning them 'is the key to discovering and fulfilling the meaning and relevance of your own life'.

Rule Three - There are no mistakes, only lessons. Your development towards wisdom is a process of experimentation, trial and error, so it's inevitable things will not always go to plan or turn out how you'd want. Compassion is the remedy for harsh judgement - of ourselves and others. Forgiveness is not only divine - it's also 'the act of erasing an emotional debt'. Behaving ethically, with integrity, and with humour - especially the ability to laugh at yourself and your own mishaps - are central to the perspective that 'mistakes' are simply lessons we must learn.

Rule Four - The lesson is repeated until learned. Lessons repeat until learned. What manifest as problems and challenges, irritations and frustrations are more lessons - they will repeat until you see them as such and learn from them. Your own awareness and your ability to change are requisites of executing this rule. Also fundamental is the acceptance that you are not a victim of fate or circumstance - 'causality' must be acknowledged; that is to say: things happen to you because of how you are and what you do. To blame anyone or anything else for your misfortunes is an escape and a denial; you yourself are responsible for you, and what happens to you. Patience is required - change doesn't happen overnight, so give change time to happen.

Rule Five - Learning does not end. While you are alive there are always lessons to be learned. Surrender to the 'rhythm of life', don't struggle against it. Commit to the process of constant learning and change - be humble enough to always acknowledge your own weaknesses, and be flexible enough to adapt from what you may be accustomed to, because rigidity will deny you the freedom of new possibilities.

Rule Six - "There" is no better than "here". The other side of the hill may be greener than your own, but being there is not the key to endless happiness. Be grateful for and enjoy what you have, and where you are on your journey. Appreciate the abundance of what's good in your life, rather than measure and amass things that do not actually lead to happiness. Living in the present helps you attain peace.

Rule Seven - Others are only mirrors of you. You love or hate something about another person according to what love or hate about yourself. Be tolerant; accept others as they are, and strive for clarity of self-awareness; strive to truly understand and have an objective perception of your own self, your thoughts and feelings. Negative experiences are opportunities to heal the wounds that you carry. Support others, and by doing so you support yourself. Where you are unable to support others it is a sign that you are not adequately attending to your own needs.

Rule Eight - What you make of your life is up to you. You have all the tools and resources you need. What you do with them is up to you. Take responsibility for yourself. Learn to let go when you cannot change things. Don't get angry about things - bitter memories clutter your mind. Courage resides in all of us - use it when you need to do what's right for you. We all possess a strong natural power and adventurous spirit, which you should draw on to embrace what lies ahead.

Rule Nine - Your answers lie inside of you. Trust your instincts and your innermost feelings, whether you hear them as a little voice or a flash of inspiration. Listen to feelings as well as sounds. Look, listen, and trust. Draw on your natural inspiration.

Rule Ten - You will forget all this at birth. We are all born with all of these capabilities - our early experiences lead us into a physical world, away from our spiritual selves, so that we become doubtful, cynical and lacking belief and confidence. The ten Rules are not commandments, they are universal truths that apply to us all. When you lose your way, call upon them. Have faith in the strength of your spirit. Aspire to be wise - wisdom the ultimate path of your life, and it knows no limits other than those you impose on yourself.

Finally, I just want to share one of my online friend "Chrissy's" videos. One of many that she have produced that I find inspiration from.