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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Supermarket eek!

I take back all the grumblings I've made about how long it takes the missus to get round Adsa (well..... for a few hours at least).

Today, it was my turn to do the weekly provisions shopping for work. Armed with a hand written shopping list and a bundle of shopping bags, I set off from work this morning towards the supermarket, convinced I'd get round as quick as possible. I didn't want to spend too much time in there knowing I'd be back again this evening with Christine for our home shopping. It didn't take me long to discover that I was pretty disorganized. I wandered up most of the isles several times.
"Right.... baked beans... hmmmmmm... must be up here somewhere.... ohhh hang on, there the sugar, I need that..... Where's the milk? no no... I'm supposed to be looking for the baked beans.... or did I already get those?.... Boy, I wish I'd brought a pen so I can tick of the list!"
It took me the best part of an hour to get half the amount Chris normally gets in the evening. I had to ask someone where to find sausage casserole mix having no idea at all where to look! Last item on the list was a new can opener.... which was in the homeware section right across the other side of the store. This mean't negotiating more experienced trolley pushers with my full one, not to mention the sound of the dreaded travellator announcement
"Caution.... Marty's about the reach the end of his tether..... please prepare watch Marty jump off the end of the conveyor!!!"

Still, I finally got through it all including the trauma of trying to pack without holding up any other customers. At least I'd got my own bags and didn't make a fool of myself trying to open the disposible bags that are full of static and almost impossible for me to put anything in without it all falling out again!
I got back to work having completed my task and was then ridiculed by a guy from another department who saw me carrying a pick spotted bag. I felt pretty camp on the way back to the car for the rest of the stuff, I can tell you!

I'm knackered now having just finished my second trip to Asda with Christine. I steered well clear of the trolley this time. It was back to filling the time by drinking coffee in the cafe, window shopping the CD section and reading computer magazines off the shelf. I spotted Private Eye on the shelf and coundn't resist a browse through it. I see Tony Flaig (local blogger and lobbyist for local issues in Margate) managed to get a mention in the satirical magazine. He is a big critic of Kent County Council online TV site "KentTV". Tony managed to get a mention in the same paragraph of Kent resident Sir Bob Geldof!

Well...... It's my birthday tomorrow. 45....... ooer!!!!!