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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Saturday, October 06, 2007

15th August 2006

Grumpy old Marty!
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Now.... before I start... I ask you to read this in lighthearted fashion because I'm simply using self depreciating humour here.Image

Today was shopping day. Its the sort of day that (as you regular Marty blog readers know) is a stressful day for me. Anyhow..... Marty's taxi service jumped into operation to take "her indoors" with my 2 daughters on the weekly jaunt to Asda's. (Bear with me folks, with Craig away on holiday, I'm severely outnumbered with 3 females in the house). Image
On the way, Chris told me that she wanted to stop off at the craft shop to try and get some stencils.
Ya see, we are decorating the girls bedroom. btw, can't get 'em now coz they are out of fashion.
I had earlier made to fatal mistake of mentioning that my t shirts were getting ragged. What a fool I am because this resulted in "oooohhh we've got to go to Matalan too for clothes shopping."Image
On the way, in the car came "are we gonna go to Homebase first to get the tool needed for the texture smoothing of the ceiling first?" (Marty checks his blood pressure!) I said no, we will do that last. So...... The girls go off to buy the food and I breath a sigh of relief and get me breakfast at the cafe... relief, that is because I don't have to watch Christine pick up dozens of joints of meat trying to decide which one to have.
After putting up with the stress of too many people, and the air con in Asda draining me of energy and patience (not to mention having to put up with the Asda greeter pontificating how amazingly exciting it would be for everyone to know:- "
Why not go to so and so aisle where tinned peas are 2p cheaper today" cue everyone making a mad dash ..... NOT!!!!" ) we finally moved the trolley in the general direction of my motor transport I mistakenly thought would take me back to Marty's castle. I had, of course forgotton about Matalan!Image
"Oh...Oh.... we need to go to Tesco's extra coz I couldn't get the toys Kara needs for the parties she is invited to next week" says my darling wife. So... to Tesco's we go, only to find that they have had a power cut and the store is temporarily closed. This mean't Matalan was definately on the cards, (me hoping clothes shopping could be done in Tesco's. )"What's up with Matalan?" I hear you ask. Well, this store must take the record for having the longest queue to pay that I have ever experienced. I, of course, chose to wander to another out of town shop whilst the female species whiled away many more precious moments of Marty's time on this planet of ours.
Several millenia later, (me meanwhile in hyper impatient mode with steam doing old geyser impressions outa me ear'oles) the better side of the human species emerged from Matalan with assorted apparel. "Can we go back to Tesco's now dad?" asked Kara, to which I'm ashamed to say, I got a little bit cross and suggested we went there tommorow. The traffic, being lunch time was dreadful and I was screaming inside at other drivers to GET OFF MY ROAD!!!Image

Finally, required tool for spreading doughy stuff on the ceiling was purchased and homeward bound we went.
I got on with seeing to the ceiling. Now DIY is a skill God did not grace me with. I made a start and Christine took over. (we'd thought better of competing in the world championship final for sulking by this time). The ceiling is now "done". £30+ spent on a ceiling that once has artexing on it now looking.... well..... artexed I guess. Image. Still....... there is sanding down to do tommorow.... lets see how it looks then......

Here endeth Marty;s day so far. I feeling ok now and happy to laugh at it all. I guess its typical of an average day in the life of a 40 something married guy getting too grumpy.

Ohhhh.... and BTW.... The picture is of your truly dressed up as Cnl. Hurley Burly VC. Our works Christmas do was a murder mystery evening and curry night. It was loads of fun. TTFN.


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You haven't experienced shopping hell until you have experienced the 'Next' sale. They employ people with placards to show you where the end of the queue is!

Tuesday 15 August 2006 - 05:39PM (BST)

lol, an experience most men have the pleasure of...not

I find the worse things in shops is when the assistant just looks at you and they seem to be thinking of being somewhere else. No smile no thank you after shopping in their store. You vow never to go in there again but you do and the same assistant is there in a world of her own lol

Tuesday 15 August 2006 - 04:45AM (GMT+12)

I think I must be a bit wierd ya know, when I was married I used to quite enjoy going shopping with my then wife Carole, cant stand shopping now mind.

Tuesday 15 August 2006 - 05:47PM (BST)

Cute! I actually hate shopping. I usually see something at a store, but, wanting to get the most for my buck, I go to a billion other stores looking for a better bargin, only to wind up buying from the first place. Will I never learn!?

Tuesday 15 August 2006 - 08:30PM (EEST)

(to be heard in a soft breathy warm voice...) Breathe.....just breathe....take up a little yoga or Tai chi, it helps in those calm and stressed out moments when the world seems to be falling in at both ends....there....better now???


Tuesday 15 August 2006 - 06:34PM (BST)

LMAO Jamie, I remember Christine doing that when we first met over a pair of boots. A whole afternoon shopping for them, only for her to buy the first pair she looked at.
Oops.... I forgot... I said I would'nt comment on my own blogs LOL

Tuesday 15 August 2006 - 06:37PM (BST)

what a description Marty - have you ever read "notes from a small island" by Bill Bryson where he describes the right way to deal with paying at a checkout compared to the womens way! -lol Nice to get a look inmto someone elses routines!

Tuesday 15 August 2006 - 11:01PM (BST)

Well, Marty, all I can say is that I feel sorry for your wife and daughters. You must make shopping hell for them too instead of the enjoyable experience it should be. And shame on you for eating breakfast while they do all the work! Please try harder!

Wednesday 16 August 2006 - 02:15AM (BST)

ROFLMAO - sorry cannot say anything else, that was just soooooooo funny

Wednesday 16 August 2006 - 06:59AM (BST)

i hereby come out in sympathy,mate:) our asda shop comes on the van once a month, don't do loads of people and cuckoo retail assistants, think i'd be on like a multi murder charge or something,lol. Our good Lord never blessed me with patience, so anything of a stressful nature usually gets allocated to my better half, she's so much more understanding than i:)

Wednesday 16 August 2006 - 01:18AM (PDT)

Well I have to say I too hate shopping, not clothes shopping though, it's a female thing I know! However grocery shopping and all that nonsense, it's a living hell and I have to say I wish my fella would take your attitude and sit down in the cafe and have something to eat instead of getting under my feet while I'm trying to shop...enough ppl doing that already, lol! get me in and out as fast as you can that's what I say. x

Wednesday 16 August 2006 - 10:22AM (BST)

HA HA HA HA HA Marty's been shopping!! You want to think yourself lucky you don't live in Spain...we have to go everywhere to get a job done...i.e. Replacing a kitchen worktop and sink, can get the taps, worktop and sealant in one store, but not the sink, have to go to another for that, every single job we have done on our apartment, we have to source all the bits from different places as not everything is there under one roof!

Wednesday 16 August 2006 - 07:32PM (BST)

hehehe thats so fuuny ! guess most guys dont enjoy shopping at all . Im so sorry thyou have to stand the stressful day . or next time you can do something you like when you are waiting for your family picking stuff :)

Friday 18 August 2006 - 03:29AM (CST)

14th August 2006

This is a video blog message from me folks!
OK. Thanks again to all who visit and read my musings! Last night, my page broke the 10,000 page views, so by way of celebration, I present to you........... ME!! (ahem). Just a little fun.
Note: Those of a nervous disposition regarding music, beware, there is some trombone "playing" by me. I love you all and "Can't take my eyes off you".

13th August 2006 - Trombone

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I finally dug out my valve trombone (just like the one in the picture) for the first time in months. All this blog about music recently has reminded me about my past with brass bands. Talk of operatic aria's (of which arrangements work well) has contributed towards my thoughts of returning to playing in a brass band again. Its been so long since I was involved now. I'm not sure if I'm ready for the commitment again yet. I'm considering going to a band next Wednesday evening as a try out to see how I feel about it. I blew a few notes earlier this afternoon and I'm pleased to say the ability is still there.
I've had thoughts about planning a slightly different blog in the next week. Not sure if it will happen yet. It'll take some planning. Being on leave from work may give me some time to do this. I'll have to see how it goes.
Well...... seems my 360 page hit a milestone tonight. 10,000 page views and 3000 visitors. Even my website has has grown in visitors in proportion. Aside of the counter there being reset, I know I've had roughly 300 independant visitors. The stats are interesting as I've watched them. Independant visitors to Yahoo 360 = 33% of page views. My website visitors = 10% of visitors to my 360 page. Facinating!! Any marketing folk out there I'm sure will be interested in that..... Takes me back to my days working in business. All said and done, I'm glad I'm out of that side of things now.

13th August 2006

Some time off work ahead
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Here I am on the night shift again. Its the last bit of work for a while because I've got the next couple of weeks off. In fact I'm not back to work until beginning Sept. now.. with the way the shifts work out. Its been a reasonable night tonight. In fact the last 2-3 weeks have been less eventful with quite a few of lads leaving The Lighthouse and some new ones coming in. Only one minor prob last night with a toilet overflowing causing water to flood down to another lads flat. Got that cleared up and its all quiet now. Just a few lads congregated in one flat playing Age of Empires II on networked PC's. I'm a bit jealous really coz I love that game! LOL. Work has been much better recently and I feel I'm getting a better connection with the lads. I got some good feedback from 1 or 2 of 'em independantly in the last couple of weeks and thats raised my spirits.

I spent last evening looking back through all my blogs since I started. Its the first time I've done that. Seems like an age ago, in a way. It was really interesting to read back my thoughts and other comments. I guess thats why I started doing this.... as a kind of therapy look back and see what my emotions have been like.

Ah well..... looking forward to a good break from work now. I'm intending to do some work on the garden if the weather changes back to dry. We've had a lot of rain yesterday. Hope you like the picture I found tonight. Reminds me of the dodgy tummy I had just recently. I can laugh at it now. Take care... happy blogging.


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Hi...Great pic...enjoy your time off work; lucky thing ;D

Sunday 13 August 2006 - 06:10PM (BST)

Have a lovely time honey - and keep in touch!


Sunday 13 August 2006 - 06:54PM (BST)

lol.... your monty python stuff is priceless, how do you brits smile so much with those stiff upper lips? lol...

Sunday 13 August 2006 - 02:49PM (EDT)

ssssmarty! have a great break. but keep those postings coming. u r something of a hero now! and ur posts looked forward to!

Thursday 17 August 2006 - 02:29PM (IST)

12th August 2006

Monty Python
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Greetings fellow bloggers.

So here I am on the long distance night shift again.

Just thought I would share an experiences with you. On Thursday evening I popped to the local for a pint. There were some lads there having a few beers and sambuca chasers preparing for a night on the town in Margate. One of them recognised me as a local and invited me to join them in Margate. I'm a bit long in the tooth for that stuff now so I politely refused. A little later another "friend" of this guy came in and the lads started having a bit of friendly banter which then got a bit serious. The usual story. Insults started flying and threat to "do you over ya mug". The language was, as you might imagine, quite rich as well. I moved away, however, it became clear that this was handbags at dawn. Each one accusing the other of being "not 'ard enough". Eventually it petered out and the guys left.

What has this got to do with Monty Python, I hear you ask. Well...... it reminded me of scene 2 from "The Life of Brian" where a similar situation arises and a fight breaks out. The thing I love about the Pythons, is that they parodied just about everything in every day life. Its only in recent years that I have come to realise this. I wanted to share a video clip of this scene from "Life of..." but can't find it on YouTube or anywhere else. So here is a text snippet from the screenplay. The scene starts with a group of folk at the back of an audience listening to Jesus preach and strugglng to here what he says. No wonder so many people mis-interpret scripture LOL.

JESUS:  They shall be satisfied.  How blest are those whose hearts are pure.  
    They shall see God...
MANDY:  Speak up!
MAN:  Shh.
BRIAN:  Quiet, Mum.
JESUS:  How blest are those of gentle...
MANDY:  Well, I can't hear a thing.
JESUS:  ...spirit.  They shall have the earth for their possession.
MANDY:  Let's go t' the stoning.
JESUS:  How blest are those...
JESUS:  ...who hunger and thirst...
BRIAN:  You can go to a stoning any time.
JESUS: see right...
MANDY:  Oh, come on, Brian.
JESUS:  ...prevail.
MR. BIG NOSE:  Will you be quiet?!
JESUS:  How blest are they who have suffered much...
MRS. BIG NOSE:  Don't pick your nose.
MR. BIG NOSE:  I wasn't picking my nose.  I was scratching.
MRS. BIG NOSE:  You was picking it, while you was talking to that lady.
MR. BIG NOSE:  I wasn't!
MRS. BIG NOSE:  Leave it alone.  Give it a rest.
MR. CHEEKY:  Do you mind?  I can't hear a word he's saying.
MRS. BIG NOSE:  Don't you 'do you mind' me.  I was talking to my husband.
MR. CHEEKY:  Well, go and talk to him somewhere else.  I can't hear a bloody
MR. BIG NOSE:  Don't you swear at my wife.
MR. CHEEKY:  I was only asking her to shut up, so I can hear what he's
    saying, Big Nose.
MRS. BIG NOSE:  Don't you call my husband 'Big Nose'!
MR. CHEEKY:  Well, he has got a big nose.
GREGORY:  Could you be quiet, please?
JESUS:  They shall have the earth...
GREGORY:  What was that?
JESUS:  ...for their possession.  How blest are those...
MR. CHEEKY:  I don't know.  I was too busy talking to Big Nose.
JESUS:  ...who hunger and thirst to see...
MAN #1:  I think it was 'Blessed are the cheesemakers.'
JESUS:  ...right prevail.
MRS. GREGORY:  Ahh, what's so special about the cheesemakers?
GREGORY:  Well, obviously, this is not meant to be taken literally.  It
    refers to any manufacturers of dairy products.
MR. CHEEKY:  See?  If you hadn't been going on, we'd have heard that, Big
JESUS:  How blest are those who...
MR. BIG NOSE:  Hey.  Say that once more; I'll smash your bloody face in.
MR. CHEEKY:  Better keep listening.  Might be a bit about 'Blessed are the
    big noses.'
BRIAN:  Oh, lay off him.
MR. CHEEKY:  Oh, you're not so bad yourself, Conkface.  Where are you two
    from?  Nose City?
MR. BIG NOSE:  One more time, mate; I'll take you to the fuckin' cleaners!
MRS. BIG NOSE:  Language!
JESUS:  ...hunger and thirst to see...
MRS. BIG NOSE:  And don't pick your nose.
JESUS:  ...right prevail.
MR. BIG NOSE:  I wasn't going to pick my nose.  I was going to thump him!
MAN #2:  You hear that?  Blessed are the Greek.
GREGORY:  The Greek?
MAN #2:  Mmm.  Well, apparently, he's going to inherit the earth.
GREGORY:  Did anyone catch his name?
MRS. BIG NOSE:  You're not going to thump anybody.
MR. BIG NOSE:  I'll thump him if he calls me 'Big Nose' again.
MR. CHEEKY:  Oh, shut up, Big Nose.
MR. BIG NOSE:  Ah!  All right.  I warned you.  I really will slug you so
MRS. BIG NOSE:  Oh, it's the meek!  Blessed are the meek!  Oh, that's nice,
    isn't it?  I'm glad they're getting something, 'cause they have a hell
    of a time.
MR. CHEEKY:  Listen.  I'm only telling the truth.  You have got a very big
MR. BIG NOSE:  Hey.  Your nose is going to be three foot wide across your
    face by the time I've finished with you!
MAN #1 and MAN #2:  Shhh.
MR. CHEEKY:  Well, who hit yours, then?  Goliath's big brother?
MR. BIG NOSE:  Oh.  Right.  That's your last warning.
MRS. GREGORY:  Oh, do pipe down.
    [MR. BIG NOSE and GREGORY fight]
MR. BIG NOSE:  Silly bitch.  Get in the way on me?...
MR. BIG NOSE:  Break it up-- oh.  Oh!
MANDY:  Oh, come on.  Let's go to the stoning.
Now..... In case you didn't get through all that. I thought I'd include some Python Video anyway.
Bearing in mind Greece are reigning European Football Champions, 
(yes yes... I know the world cup has only just finished and Euro is 2 years away) LOL
I enjoyed this clip of Philosophers "playing" football. 


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I LOVE John CLeese!

Saturday 12 August 2006 - 02:04AM (CDT)

Excellent, I love it when things my friends oput on their blogs make me laugh out loud, and Monty Python does it everytime! Thank you my Friend xx

Saturday 12 August 2006 - 08:22AM (BST)

Love Life of Brian - very irreverent, but very, very funny lmao - I am always looking on the Bright Side of Life lol

Saturday 12 August 2006 - 10:23AM (BST)

Wonderful1 I've never seen this one before Marty-great find!

Saturday 12 August 2006 - 03:48PM (BST)

"You must go to the tallest tree in the forest and cut it down wiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeth a herring."

Saturday 12 August 2006 - 08:40PM (EDT)

11th August 2006

My son Craig has just left for a weeks holiday in Yorkshire with one of his best mates and the lads parents. Gonna miss him loads coz Craig is a good lad and a good mate too. Dunno who I'm gonna run with this week LOL. Its the first time he has been away on holiday without us. Mind you, he is nearly 15 so I guess we will have to get used to that from now on. At least my PC will be a bit more free Image

11th August 2006

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"Addiction" Dictionary description -

    1. Compulsive physiological and psychological need for a habit-forming substance: a drug used in the treatment of heroin addiction.
    2. An instance of this: a person with multiple chemical addictions.
    1. The condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or or involved in something.
    2. An instance of this: had an addiction for fast cars.

I've agonised a little over this blog today.

Was sitting on a bench mid afternoon on my break from work drinking a bottle of coke and eating a bar of mint chocolate and (like Worzel Gummidge) "put me thinkin' head on".

Some of the lads I look after have addiction problems. I'd go as far as to say that I have an addictive personality myself. I guess its a bit like being obsessive or compelled to do something. There are many types of addiction as far as I can see. - Illigal substances, gambling, alcohol, tobacco. Probably Obessive Compusive Disorder is a kind of addiction - I don't know. I'm not an expert as far as that is concerned. My list is not exhaustive, there are many more, some I have deliberately left off.
Depending on what level these incidences occur, it seems the results can at one level affect the individual alone and on a higher level affect others close to that individual and even those quite far away. The individual affected by the addiction can feel (I believe) a certain ammount of regret and remorse for doing whatever it is either out of some sort of guilt or because of the physical or emotional effects. Whatever, the compulsion to do so again with the full knowledge of the consequences cannot be avoided by that individual, it seems to me at least. Evidence seems to show that eventually, the addicted person makes a cry for help to overcome the problem. As I already stated, some others may have been severely hurt along the way. This brings me to refering to Wanderers blog about his "Angel" experience and how he forgave (not what had been done to him) but the person who did it ... forgave the person, not the act. As some of you know, it was a story that profoundly affected and humbled me.
So....... can those of us affected by an addicted person come to forgive the person but not the act? I don't presume to believe folk can neccessarily do this and I feel it would be disrespectful of me to think they might. Everybody's experience is individual and every individual has, to a certain extent the right to self determination on how they find their way through that pain.

I guess some of you (if you are still reading) are wondering why I posted on this subject and why I agonised about it. . Well, its because I'm thinking of someone I have come across and out of respect I want the details to remain confidential. One or two of you that know me better than some will know what I'm referring to.
I will say no more on the subject.

Now..... Just to lighten up a little, and just before I do that. Has anybody experienced YouTube video's not play sound on their PC's? I get sound from other sources but not from thats site. I think there may be a prob. with my PC.
This is just for Steph who has become a good friend very recently after a long chat on messenger. Steph, I wanted to make this "Ave Maria" but I can't here the video. I know this one coz I had it on my mobile phone once. Hope it works. Enjoy. Crikey, its nearly 2am!!!! Time I went to bed.

8th August 2006

Are we ever satisfied?
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It was the weekly trip to Asda this morning and I did my usual thing of leaving Chris to go get all the food and provisions while I sat in the cafe having a breakfast. I HATE shopping. Chris has to be in control of it all and I can't cope with the drag of wondering around, it stresses me out and makes me very tired.
Anyhow, whilst sitting in the cafe, the brain cells started to tick over and I got to thinking about what I would blog today. Here it is: -
I sometimes wonder "Are we ever satisfied?"
What has made me think this, you may ask. Well I guess some of it comes from reading Kevins blog about the athlete Flloyd Landis who cheated, and Kevin's despair at that. I think of Tim's blog about Jensen Button winning the Hungarian Grande Prix. Will Jensen be satisfied? I don't think so. Many people achieve great feats in their lives driven by very stong desires. They may achieve heights but still very often they go on. For instance

Boxers coming out of retirement like Muhammad Ali in the seventies.

Donald Campbell continued to beat his fastest land speed record and paid the ultimate price for it.

Edmund Hilary reaching the summit of Everest "because its there"

There are so many more.
Maybe some people do get a degree of satisfaction, but is it enough? Mick Jagger summed it up with his song "I can't get no satisfaction" and yes, I think he tried in many many ways. Experiements with all sorts of substances seem to be the thing these days. I see it first hand in my work. I'm ashamed to say that I look at my 360 page stats each day and see the numbers go up and I'm never satisfied (makes me realise how self centred I can be and its summut I don't like too much about myself).
One of the most profound stories I have read/heard is about Freddie Mercury from the group Queen (I'm a big fan). Shortly before he died in I believe was his last ever interview he said this "You can have everything in the world and still be the loneliest man, and that is the most bitter type of lonliness. Success has brought me world idolisation and millions of pounds, but its prevented me from having the one thing we all need - a loving, ongoing relationship". Extract from Questions of life
by Nicky Gumbel.

On reflection, I think that like Steph's blast we must believe in our dreams, or at the very least, have those desires, even if we don't attain them, but.... I believe there has to be a balance. Whilst desiring a purpose in life, we need the support and love of those around us to be there when things doesn't always go as expected. Sometimes, when there is obsessive desire for perfection, we must give ourselves permission to fail from time to time. The desire for perfection, I have found, can be a very destructive force. All of us that exist on this planet, I am sure are here for a reason and we are therefore worthy.

I give thanks to all you folk that write here on their blogs, read, offer support, praise each other. I find it really uplifting and it replaces my faith in human nature. You've all made me laugh and cry from time to time. You are all helping me to grow as a person and to understand myself and to change the things in my life that I need to. Will I ever be satistfied? who knows, I doubt it because wanting it what drives me on each day, I guess.
Here's to continued sharing... God bless you all.


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You made a very good observation. I think that the fact that people do keep striving for more is the reason we have come so far in society - both on the good and bad points. It helps us to achieve greater advances, but can also bring out the greediness and pettiness.

Tuesday 8 August 2006 - 04:46PM (EEST)

It seems to be human nature to be never satisfied with what ever we have, the nature of the beast if you will, as Jamie says this brings out both the good and the bad in us, "without the dark there can be no light". Oh and Marty just so you know I am also a massive queen fan (especially the early stuff) and I also keep a close eye on my page stats.

Tuesday 8 August 2006 - 04:15PM (BST)

On the question of never being satisfied, I pose another - what is it that is missing in order to be satisfied? What is it that you\I need but are not getting? Witness the clowning course I went on last week (yes I know I keep on about it!) I left feeling very sad that I was leaving my friends and the tutors - and I realise that this was about satisfying a childish need to *play* in a way I missed as a kid - with other *children* that I met there. A strange phenomenon - being adults and yet meeting the child in each one. I still feel the loss now and am unsatisfied and want more - and perhaps I just have to get my feet firmly back on ground level and live in my *now* which is home and family....and I so want to *play* !!!!! :o(

Tuesday 8 August 2006 - 04:45PM (BST)

Hi Marty - at least you GO with your wife to Asda - even if you dont do alot when you get there - coming with me would be a start for my hubby !!!!

Tuesday 8 August 2006 - 06:46PM (BST)

To learn to be satisfied is extremely important for us all,is there anything unhappy enough to prevent us from enjoying our life everyday?Tomorrow the sun will rise from the east and set in the west as usual,we have no excuse to be over emotional as to imagine us to be the most bitter type of loneliness. Everyday we communicate our understandings about some issues,sharing perspectives and receiving support and praise here on the blogs, why do we still think we are lonely with so many friends around us?

Wednesday 9 August 2006 - 05:03PM (CST)

Like you Marty, shopping has that effect on me but I have found that I learn so much from my wife and now enjoy it ( well, most of the time (but don't tell her) LOL. It's very interesting what you say about being satisfied. I think that my wife who is also one of my 360 friends (yellowrose) sums it up in her blog on 30th July. What do you think. -God bless-

Thursday 10 August 2006 - 11:00AM (BST

6th August 2006

Following on from the emotions subject & video of "The Stars are Shining"
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Hi folks,

Thanks to all who commented on my last blog. I think that one has beat the record for most comments so far on any of my blogs.

First of all, for some strange reason (or probably coz folk asked me about our new table) I thought I'd share a picture of it What a weird fellow I am LOL). I woke this morning to clanging downstairs. Christine was so anxious to see it up she had more or less constructed the thing before I got out of bed. Image
Returning to emotions. Some folk asked to hear more about "Stars are shining" and "Tosca". Any old romantics out there will probably like and appreciate this, if not the music, maybe the words and meaning. You will see an embeded video of this performed by Luciano Pavarotti below. For those of you not familiar with Tosca and Puccini's operas, it is important to set the scene before you listen to it.

In short, the story is about the character Cavarodossi, a painter, who is in love with Tosca, an opera singer. For political reasons, he is imprisoned by the evil Baron Scarpia. Scarpia has his own desires on Tosca and blackmails her to give in to his desires, promising the release Cavarodossi the next morning by faking his execution.
In this aria, Cavarodossi sing of his love for Tosca with great anguish in the sure knowledge he will be executed in the morning. This aria (for me) describes pain, anguish, bitterness, regret, passion and many other emotions that I cannot at this time find the words for.

5th August 2006

Feeling full of emotion tonight
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Its weird, but somewhat familiar.
I've felt pretty emotional today. It might just be because I'm tired. On TV I watched a prog with the family about 100 fav. movie tunes. There was a lot of stuff that I enjoyed on that including West Side Story and Sound of Music. Proves I'm still a bit of an old softy.
Later on I watched a programme on Mario Lanza. I confess to being a bit of a fan. Some of the famous tenor arias really speak to me and Puccini is one of my fav. classical composers. (I'm also a fan of Carreras, Pavarotti, Domingo.) ... For abosolte emotion in music, The aria from Puccini's Tosca "The Stars are Shining" send a shiver up my spine. I heard Mario Lanza sing it on ther prog tonight and it reminded me of this music which I like and don't listen to so much these days.

As I said, emotion has been high for me tonight. Its that feeling of being on the edge of tears and somehow actually knowing the feeling being good to let it all go. Trouble is, as I guy brought up in the 70s and English with that stiff upper lip, I held back and went to the pub!!
I was hoping to find some folk to chat to, but ended up for most of the evening drinking on my own feeling sorry for myself. Eventually I met up with a neighbour and had a bit of a chat which helped.

Some good news. My wife Christine is pleased because the dining room table we ordered a couple of weeks ago turned up tonight. Looks like I'll be putting that together tommorrow morning in time for Sunday lunch.

What is it about emotions that are kinda disturbing but when let out (feel like I wanna cry) somehow feels like a release? Its stuff that builds up in me and catches me out when I least expect it. I could have done with a good old sing song at the pub tonight, maybe some Karaoke to get it all out of my system. Instead I felt a bit lonely really. I've got more stuff I'm planning to add to my website regarding the past. Maybe thinking about that has stimulated the emotion? I dunno.

All said and done, maybe I'll feel different tommorrow and think that what I have written here to be a bit "off the wall" and over emotional. Scripture Union have an afternoon Church thingy tommorow and I'm looking forward to that. Work has got in the way of seeing it all this week. Maybe catching up tomorrow bring me back closer to God again.

Take care folks.... as usual.. with blessings.....


(10 total)

I was just the same this evening, I put it down to a heartfelt prayer spoken aloud in the car last night. For me, heartfelt prayers sometimes bring up churning emotions that unsettle me. Its just the process but I find it uncomfortable. I spent time helping in the garden, watering thirsty plants then made a small fire and burnt some dried rosemary that we had trimmed from the bushes a couple of weeks ago. It smelt good and burnt fast. Enjoy your day tomorrow.

Sunday 6 August 2006 - 01:24AM (CEST)

often feel the same but being female can sit n blubb my eyes out.sometimes its just good to let it go marty you feel better afterwards. enjoy the jigsaw puzzle that is your table lol xx

Sunday 6 August 2006 - 12:27AM (BST)

There is nothing wrong with letting out your feelings hon. If you ever need a good chat you know where your friends are. mel xx

Saturday 5 August 2006 - 04:48PM (PDT)

I am a big Il Divo fan, not as classically correct as the three tenors maybe but equally as powerful in their delivery of music that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up - when I am feeling down I put their music on full pelt in my car and suddenly I know Italian fluently and can sing to the world = it brings tears, floods of them, but I feel so much better after having sung an aria or two with them!! The car and the world has had a hammering this week as I have sung every song on the tape at least twice!!!

Emotions are powerful little buggers Marty - I have had lots this week with whats been going on with my daughter but - you and everyone else in my 360 world have been there for me, let me and your friends in your 360 world be there for you x

Sunday 6 August 2006 - 07:51AM (BST)

Hmm yes I can identify with tht feeling. Coming down to earth from my clowning course has been difficult. So much connection in 5 days with some lovely people. Being present in the moment and sharing so much laughter and making ourselves vulnerable on "stage" being open with our emotions and slowing right down to connect with each other and the audience - goodbye was reallly realllly hard. I don't believe I have let go yet and I can see me gonig back for more in a few months.....

Sunday 6 August 2006 - 02:02PM (BST)

I'd love to hear the aria, "The Stars are Shining," as you so highly recommend it. "The Phantom of the Opera" sends such chills down my spine.
About emotions-- I've felt the gamut of them, have two kids with heart transplants and everyday I have tear-filled moments--joy or pain.

Sunday 6 August 2006 - 07:10AM (PDT)

Good day, Marty. Thanks so much for sharing on my blog. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your childhood friend. In our case, doctors can't even say why or how our girls developed the dilated hearts, other than assuming it's cardiomyopathy. Two siblings getting the same thing, though, is rare, and both getting new hearts is extremely rare.
I'd love to see the "Stars are Shining" on YouTube. If you post, it please let me know? As soon as I get home to my regular computer, I'll be able to hear good tunes again. For now I hear the sweet sounds of little girls snoring accompanied by the L.A. freeway noise out the hotel window--syncopation!

Sunday 6 August 2006 - 07:39AM (PDT)

good on you marty -you always seem to be able to put things down well.
You probably have guessed by now that I am quite an emotional bloke and find it hard to know how to share my feelings - being alone doesnt help- dont think i was born to be alone!
Anyway - hope your Sunday was cheerier and the dining room table stood up to Sunday lunch!

Sunday 6 August 2006 - 05:13PM (BST)

Thanks Marty, I was feeling emotional yesterday, full moon on the way and time to think. I even forgot to attend a lovely shared lunch with Friends yesterday-didn't realise until I got to Meeting this morning..Still full of emotion in the car, then I heard the news about the latest bombings in Lebanon. Hope you enjoyed today. Our family met up and we walked along Baggy Point at Croyde-wonderful cliff top walk, blue sky and sea and some interesting birds-fulmars, sand-martins mobbing a lone kestrel. Lovely to be together out there. Ive read your blog before and enjoyed your honesty, can you find the reference to Lebanon in the OT please? I think one of the poets was mourning the loss of Lebanon in a battle. I'm just setting up my very own blog

Sunday 6 August 2006 - 09:42PM (BST)

Strangley enough as a fan of mainly rock music of various kinds I do enjoy classical music a lot, I have allways said that in my opinion the power and driving force and grandeur of rock music and many forms of classical music are in many ways alike. I know that a lot of rock can be very well portrayed by an orchestra giving it a slightly different treatment, or a rock band doing a concert with a classical orchestra like for instance Metallica with the S&M DVD, quality. I alos like to hear classical singersn the three tenors for instance. My late father was a massive fan of Mario Lanza and that man sings like an angel. As regards ones feelings, emotions, sadness, loneliness, emptiness etc, well I got em in mountains but allways find it hard to express this in person to person confrontations, yet on here I am beginning to find it easier to open up, wierd eh.

Tuesday 8 August 2006 - 12:33AM (BST)

4th August 2006

After sleeping this morning following my first night shift. I went over to see my brother who is moving into a house in Birchington (at least, my nephew is going to live there first until my brother leaves the RAF in about 18 months time. ) The house is near the bay and I'm looking forward to my nephew being around because he is keen to get involved with some of the youth work I do. Overall, I feel my wider family coming closer together, which is pleasing.

Its interesting to see Yahoo 360 remind and recommend people to "embed" videos into their blog, or "Vlog" as it is known. When I first started blogging here, this function was not available. I was really pleased when they introduced it. Well...... in time honoured fashion, I share with you a little running video I made earlier this year featuring myself, Craig and his mate Billy. Those of you that have seen my website will have possibly seen intallment one of running at Birchington and Minnis Bay. This is number two in which I experimented a little more with video editing. The quality is a little poor, partly due to the cheap DVcam I used. There will be a third video to come in which Billy did the videoing using a new camcorder which I jealously covert Image. I'll do this as soon as Billy gets round to sending me the footage. So folks, here it is.... let me know what you think. Music accompanying the vid. is punk band "Green Day" a fav. of Craigs.

3rd August 2006

95 magnify
Hi Folks,

After yesterdays unfortunate distraction, I now return to the prose I intended to blog yesterday....

I recently met up with an old and dear friend at the pub last week. Its one of my old pals from my brass band days. I don't see so much of him these days now that I'm not playing any more (although I'm still considering returning to my musical past - cue Marty's procrastination traits - ooer).Image Anyway, we had a really good chat over a few beers and put the world to right - something we frequently used to do. Thinking about Alan, it reminded me of his wit and humour that has rubbed off on me over the years. Being brass players, we subscribed to being heavy critics of rival bands and music in general. One of Alan's favorite phrases of (what is decribed as Alliteration) - is: -

" A Cornucopias Cacophony of Crap!"
This phrase would frequently be used to describe some musical delectation witnessed by Alan and myself, of which Alan would have rather dubious opinions.

I can remember one evening some years ago, sitting in the pub (as very usual) having a competition to alternately think of three world alliteration phrases using every letter of the alphabet. They did not have to make sense. The challenge was to use as many large and obscure words as possible in order to come up with the funniest phrase. (nothing got near the one above). Thinking back to that little exercise, here is one I've just come up with: -

apocalyptic anachronym of alliteration"

It's a fun game to play amongst friends.

BTW. For those of you that think my spelling is rather good, I have to confess that I'm a dreadful fraud, having used an online dictionary

Other stuff.....

Went shopping a Asda today and finally purchased a cross cut shredder (procrastination temporarily aborted). I love shredders. They appeal to me in the same vein as laminators and bubble wrap! Is there no end to the temporary OCD I suffer from from time to time LOL Image

Night shift tonight, so plenty of time to catch up with everything you guys have written on your blogs. With love and blessings to all.

2nd August 2006

Panorama tonight
Panorama tonight magnify
When I got home this evening, I planned to blog something about conversations I used to have with an old friend, along with a little humour. I've just watched the Panaorama programme graphically showing the violent thugs that went to Germany this summer during the world cup. It was sickening to watch. It made me very angry. In fact I'd say my anger was scary because I found myself imagining all the things I'd like to do to those thugs. Some of them had their children on their shoulders whilst shout and taunting abuse. I felt my anger rise watching this and.... to a certain extent, there in lies the problem. As stated in a previous blog, it proved to me how vulnerable I am to feeling this anger and wanting revenge. I feel ashamed to have had these feelings... I guess I'm back to referring to awareness again.

One of the ex. football hooligans interviewed spoke with honesty that the fear and agressison was an addiction, much the same as an alcoholic, drug addict etc... That, at least added some opportunity for understanding. Its got me now, to thinking about what influences people to want to fight in the way they do, using football as an excuse to display their aggression. Maybe its as a result of violence, abuse and aggression in their lives and they have nowhere safe to "take" that.
In conclusion, this programme has temproarily affected me this evening. Although I was angry about it, it was compulsive viewing. I guess, like many issues, I want to try to understand why all this happens. I've lost my sense of humour for the moment. It'll come back later, I know. Perhaps then I might write the stuff about words and Alitteration that I intended to blog tonight. Image
Did anyone else see this prog. tonight? If so, what sort of feelings did it generate in you?

2nd August 2006

What is your car history?
What is your car history? magnify
This blog inspired by a new friend "pei" and her blog to do with cars.

Here is mine (as far as I can remember)

1st Car onwards: -

1) White Hillman Imp. - fun motor that (as they all do) frequently over heated - sat on my dads drive for 6 months, then I sold to a friend for £30 who then got it going again and got another 40k out of it.

2) Old rusty Chrysler Alpine - got done big time on this. The foolishness of youth! swapped it (at night time) for: -
3) White Mk2 Ford Capri - I really believed this was cool. Its the car I had when I met my wife, used it to give her a lift home in (although my friend drove it coz I was too drunk at the time!)
In between, I briefly owned a Datsun Cherry that I bought for £10 and never insured - sold it for £35 about 6 weeks later).
4) Bronze Ford Cortina with a vinyl roof. Another lemon that packed up within 3 months.
5) Light Blue Skoda Estelle (yes, the orginal eastern european ones). Great fun, reminded me of my Hillman Imp. Easy to maintain. Most parts made of something similar to cake and cardboard!
6) Fiat Panda. Another cheapy cost me £70. Thrashed it big time. Trouble with clutch cable due to rust. Used to leak big time in the rain. Scrapped it for £40 a year later.
7) VW Polo 4 door saloon in light blue metallic. - Fell for the metallic paint and was done over by the extremely dodgy carburetor which caused this car to break down more than I care to remember! Still managed somehow to sell it though.
8) First Company car - Blue Renault Megane nearly new. My first experience of something close to new. Good car and a relief not having to worry about insurance, tax and maintenance (caned on personal tax for the privilage though). Replaced by: -
9) Renault Scenic - yet another blue car. Like the one before by with much more space. Loved it a lot. Missed it when I lost my job and had the personal breakdown due to work stress, bullying and first vout of depression.
10) Daihatsu Hijet in... yes you guessed it - blue again (not =by choice) A real quirky motor that was more like a small van than a car. Non existant performance by bought due to the missus insisting we have another six seater (budget could only afford this!!) Died due to overheating.
11) Toyota Corolla in grey. My current car and FAB. Had it more than 2 years. Drives like a brand new car to this day despite being 10 yrs old. Close to the picture but with a lift back boot. The hatch is longer and it looks more like a Carina than a Corolla. Really good performance with a 1.6 16 valve engine. Quiet as you like and defo. my best car to date.

ooer..... I'm beginning to sound like Jeremy Clarkson - who speaks LIKE THIS! lol

Would love to know the car history of other folk.. pls send me.


(8 total)

Only passed test 6 years ago (very late starter lol) - but:

1st Car - old shape Nissan Micra - grey - no power steering but I loved it - some clown drove into the side of me and wasn't insured and I was only 3rd party so couldnt afford to save it.

2nd Car - husband gave me a Hyundai Atoz in silver - it was like a tin box and I hated it but hey, never look a gift horse in the mouth !!

Current Car - Fiat Marea Weekender (Estate) 1.9 Diesel Engine - Dark Blue - I love the car but hate the noise it is making now - its getting old and as diesels do, it knocks badly.

I am not the type of person that actually loves their car - a car to me is a functional thing and as long as it gets me from A to B I am happy with whatever I have unless it is a Hyundai Atoz which really was an awful tinny car.

I actually wouldnt mind another Fiat Estate but not a diesel!!

Have a great day x

Wednesday 2 August 2006 - 07:24AM (BST)

Because my eyesight as deteriated I do not drive now but loved it when I did. My dad started teaching me to drive in his old Morris 8 and later in his Hillman minx 10hp. They were lovely old fashioned cars and enjoyable to drive - even though there was no syncromesh between 1st & 2nd gears. Eventually I bought my own car - an old Rover 75 (1935 model) This was often known as the poor mans Rolls royce, a real treat to own and lovely to drive once you got used to the long bonnet. I loved the old fashioned headlamps. Like Steph, someone drove into the side of me at 60 mph and wrote it off. Then I bought a old Minibus which eventually gave up the ghost and I sold it to someone for scrap. Three months later the police contacted me as they had not notified change of ownership and had robbed a TV shop using the minibus. Although I do not drive now I love old cars and my favourite has got to be the old Rover 75.

Wednesday 2 August 2006 - 11:29AM (BST)

right, here's
1st - Vauxhaul Cavelier... the very first/original shape, similar to a, remeber those.
2nd - C Reg one, had my fist accident in this, rounded a bend and plughed into the back of stationary traffic.
3rd - E reg seirra sapphire red 1.8LX... with my first car phone which took up half the boot space.
4th - G reg sierra sapphire white 1.8lx..with a spoiler on the first 'new' car
5th - H reg Toyota Celica GT Black Auto..just as the 'rounded' shape came out..
6th - J reg Toyota Celica GT Grey manual... replacment for the above after the wheel bearings went within the first year.
7th - M reg Citreon Xantia, most reliable car i ever had.
8th - P reg sierra blue, company i worked for decided to lease ex rental cars..this one lasted me 3 days due to the gear box and bent chassis
9th - P reg sierra white, not much better than the last one but lasted a little longer till i quit, left the car at a friends house in Nexcastle, told the company to sollect it from there..they were based on the south
10th - Subaru Legacy 2.5 quad cam..damn fantastic car, best I ever owned..but not that reliable.
11th - Isuzu Trooper Citation..still got and love (but gonna sell it soon)
12th - BMW 3 series .. still got and like

Wednesday 2 August 2006 - 03:14PM (BST)

dude,never been behind the wheel of a car, but am an expert at driving folks up the wall,if that counts,lol;)

Wednesday 2 August 2006 - 08:41AM (PDT)

cars!! -interesting one Marty-

1st Vauxhall Viva estate -useful at Uni for taking people up to the motorway on their birthday so they had to make their way back -naked of course -sorry - but I was a student!!

2nd - blue avenger -good car -but died in Soutampton
3rd -Gold Rover of my dads -he gave it to us a present but it only lasted 3 months before it failed its MOT on countless charges!
4th Ford Escort -good grief that was bad -had to be started with the choke which had to be pulled out by putting your feet on the dashboard and if it was cold you had to keep pulling it out and that wasnt gfun drivving thru Leicester one day at all the traffic lights
Thenhad series of Peugeot 405 and406 which were lovely smooth cars
My wife (ex) had a Peugeot 306 GTi for a year -BOY was that fun to drive -just WOW round corners and acceleration etc
Now - little old Peugeot 206 W reg pretty reliable and constant

Wednesday 2 August 2006 - 04:53PM (BST)

So Tim takes us from the memories of old cars to the memories of the first cell phones lol - mine was that big, a telephone box would have been easier to carry lol

Wednesday 2 August 2006 - 08:17PM (BST)

I have TC too, R reg, I worry that I don't do enough to it but it doesn't need fussing. Mines like yours but dark blue with hint of purple.

Thursday 3 August 2006 - 09:46PM (CEST)

My first car is Beijing jeep made in Beijing,China.Then came Volks Wagan and Oriental Delica,also made in China,one month ago,a Red Flag and a Honda worked for me and now I have Toyota and Honda, they are all made in China,i hope someday I would have a taste of the cars made in other countries with China's entry in WTO.

Friday 4 August 2006 - 03:56PM (

1st August 2006

Blair Meets Arnie On Climate Change - Martys View
Blair Meets Arnie On Climate Change - Martys View magnify

Blair Meets Arnie On Climate Change

It never ceases to amaze me.... How do these politicians get away with it. Arnold (3 Hummers) Schwarzenegger talking about climate change. Tony (I'm ya pal) Blair should have taken John (2 Jags) Prescott with him to this. It would have been funny if Arnie threw an egg at JP. I'd have liked to have seen Prezzer pick a fight with HIM.... LOL

31st July 2006

Scripture Union holiday club
Scripture Union holiday club magnify
Today is the start of a much looked forward to couple of weeks in Minnis Bay for the summer. Its the time when the SU holiday club beach mission starts at my home village. I always look forward to it and I think I probably enjoy it as much (if not more) than the kids do! This organisation provides entertainment for local children for 2 weeks every summer and has gradually increased in popularity year on year. There were over 450 kids registered last year. The whole event is free. Many mainly young people give up 2 weeks of their summer to entertain the children. I have great respect for these folk. Not only do they give up their time (12+ hours per day) they do it for free, and more's the point, they PAY for the privilage (I think its around £50 per week). This is how the club is funded. Local folk put these people up and food is cooked for them by local church volunteers. The clubs main emphasis is on fun and games with some spiritual input (never heavy and always respectful). This, for me, is an example of true giving and sacrifice. The leaders of this club suffer no end of humiliation in the name of making the kids laugh and enjoy themselves...... Messy games.... getting soaked... covered with things like flour, egg, jam, chocolate spread are just of the things that happen.

The club provides events for kids of all ages from toddlers up to young adults up to the age of 21. I know this happens at other seaside towns in Great Britain and, I believe, throught the world. I know my kids have enjoyed going to this, and they still do. I shall be taking Kara (my 8yr old) down there in about 5 mins for the evening event.

I did my other job today - working with the Youth Offending Team supervising reparation work. Today, we went to help out a an animal rescue centre in West Hougham near Dover. The day involved painting some sheds and shoveling horse poo! I managed to get outwitted by 2 goats and half a dozen sheep that escaped from the back field whilst manning the gate. Being a townie, seeing farm animals this close up is a bit scary... getting bumped by the goats whilst the sheep, other goat and pony slipped past me.... ooer. Still, it made the other leaders and the young people laugh. Image

30th July 2006

In the News
In the News magnify
Former cabinet colleague and foreign secretary attacks Tony Blair's stance in Israel and the Middle East. Considering Blairs continuing decline in popularity, could this be the final Straw ? .... ooer... Image


(4 total)

Ha ha love the pun! Tony blair (in a restaurant with his cabinet,and possibly desk too), asked the waiter for rare steak, when the waited asked "and what about the vegtables sir"? he replied, "Oh they'll all have the same thank you". (Takes one to know one I suppose lol).

Sunday 30 July 2006 - 06:58PM (BST)

oops...waiter not waited sorry lol.

Sunday 30 July 2006 - 06:59PM (BST)

HA HA HA HA HA....... like it Nikki. I'll have to remember that one!

Sunday 30 July 2006 - 09:04PM (BST)

That made me smile Marty and love your joke Nikki x

Monday 31 July 2006 - 06:21AM (BST)

30th July 2006

Sunday Jokes
Sunday Jokes magnify
It being Sunday today, and me being in a jovial and somewhat mischievous mood, I wanted to share a little spiritual humour with you all. First off, the church notice made me laugh, second, I found this joke on the net.

A catholic priest and a rabbi find them sitting next to each other on a long journey, and so after some hesitation start to talk to each other. After discussing the weather and the cricket, the priest turns to the rabbi and says that he thought it was rather strange that he was not allowed to eat pork, and asked him whether he ever had.

The rabbi replied, "Well, when I was a small boy, I did in fact taste a small piece of bacon."

"What was it like?" asked the priest.

The rabbi replied: "Not nearly as good as sex."

Nothing beats poking fun at religiosity! Image

oh..... and BTW.... My son Craig wondered why I spell checked some words here and amended some grammer. He reckons I've got spelling OCD. LOL Image


(4 total)

Love your jokes - my daughter thinks I have OCD about everything lol

Sunday 30 July 2006 - 06:41PM (BST)

The Brooms' Wedding

Two brooms were hanging together in a closet. After a while they got to know each other so well they decided to get married. One broom was, of course, the bride broom, the other the groom broom.

The wedding was lovely.

At the wedding dinner following the wedding the bride broom leaned over and said to the groom broom, "I think I am going to have a little baby broom."

"IMPOSSIBLE," said the groom broom. [Are you ready for this?]


Sunday 30 July 2006 - 09:52PM (BST)

Thank you Ian! Marty, why can't I hear your vids? Some interesting stuff here, particularly engaged about the conflict issue.

Monday 31 July 2006 - 06:12PM (CEST)

I like your joke. Good thing I pass by. I have a joke too and you like it.

The altar boy saw a woman kneeling and praying inside the church. She was crying deeply. Then the boy came and asked the woman. "Why you're crying?" The woman replied. "I can't bear a child and I ask mama Mary many times". The altar boy suggested. "Why not trying OUR FATHER"!

Tuesday 1 August 2006 - 12:48PM (CST

28th July 2006 - awareness

awareness magnify

Hi folks.... Welll.... yes... you guessed it. Its night shift refection time!

We had a small amount of thunder and lightning during the evening but nothing substantial (hence me finding an apropriate piccy for the blog). Seems to have cleared the air a little and the heat is not quite as oppressive now.

I was watching a programme on UKTV History this afternoon about the aftermath of WWII and what happened to German POW's (how they were treated, particularly at a POW camp in Remegen). WWII history facinates me. This was a programme and viewpoint I had not come across before. It was alleged that the allies treated the Germans little better than ours had been treated during the war with POWS starving to death... No surprise really when I think about it. Its always occurred to me that all humans react and counter react when the are treated badly until the situation spirals out of control. You only have to look again at how things are yet again panning out in the Middle East etc. etc. Inocent people getting hurt, breeding yet more potential retaliation for the future. It kinda reminds me of Douglas Adams "Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy" A passage from it sticks in my mind (I took some time to seek out the the passage).

From around chapter 31

"A dreadful silence fell across the conference table as the commander of the Vl'hurgs, resplendent in his black jewelled battle shorts, gazed levelly at the G'Gugvuntt leader squatting opposite him in a cloud of green sweet-smelling steam, and, with a million sleek and horribly beweaponed star cruisers poised to unleash electric death at his single word of command, challenged the vile creature to take back what it had said about his mother."

NOTE... reading RedHols1 blog got me thinking of DA.

Kinda sums up what many wars are about really. This is just Douglas Adams really using humour to hightlight the futility of it all.

A few years back, during my first bout of depression, I can remember telling the pastor of a church that I believed (at that time) that there were 2 types of people in the world.. good and bad. (I was really bitter at the time having come through a rough time at work). His reply to me was that we are all capable of tremedously wonderful things, but equally capable of the most despicable things.

Coming back to the humour side of things again, I've been watching the repeats of "Secret Army" from the 70's late at night. I hadn't realised how much this serious drama about resistance in Europe had been parodied by the excellent comedy of the 80's " Allo Allo". A little aside, I noticed that the actor Richard Marner actually played a part in both series, having watched the Secret Army episode "Russian Roulette" the other night. Marner played Colonel Kurt Von Strohm in "Allo Allo"

Anyhow...... I digress

My thoughts on all this earlier yesterday brought me to the conclusion that there is no solution to these problems - War - fighting - abuse - anger - bitterness (albeit, The Bible, for me, tells a lot about what has gone wrong and how forgiveness can be achieved) . These problems have gone on throughout history and will likely continue to do so. All I can think of is that we have an awareness of how and why these things happen. I like the feeling of freedom of expression, but I'm also aware that what we say can affect others in ways we may not expect or intend. I think I'm finally beginning to grow out of perfectionism now - a really destructive force in my view if misused and abused. I'm learning to love more, to care more and most importantly to listen more. I have many faults and I'm learning to keep aware of them and accept those I am unable to change.

In order to finish this blog on a humorous note, I wanted to share with you one of my most favourite sketches from Monty Python "The Argument Clinic" The Pythons were so wise at picking up on how pointless it is sometimes, to fight and argue. ..... Oh, and I love the little aside about running out of time.... kinda fits with sending up counseling ethics on this point Image

Comments(5 total)
He is so cool~~Hahaha Friday 28 July 2006 - 12:12PM (CST)

A nice set of thoughts MArty. I don' tknow if I would like to have so much time to think with your night shift. I have enough problems when I think too much during the day!!! ANyway as your pun of the day was so bad , here is a morning joke: The Brooms' Wedding Two brooms were hanging together in a closet. After a while they got to know each other so well they decided to get married. One broom was, of course, the bride broom, the other the groom broom. The wedding was lovely. At the wedding dinner following the wedding the bride broom leaned over and said to the groom broom, "I think I am going to have a little baby broom." "IMPOSSIBLE," said the groom broom. [Are you ready for this?] "WE HAVEN'T EVEN SWEPT TOGETHER." Friday 28 July 2006 - 07:26AM (BST)

IAN, Thats fantastic!!! It gave me a real belly laugh. One of the best puns I have read for ages. Thanks Friday 28 July 2006 - 07:55AM (BST) I still think we need more lightning. The air still is buggy, & it's meant to be even worse in August! Hope it clears up soon! Friday 28 July 2006 - 11:44PM (BST)

Someone said that there is a small percentage of people who are purely good and another small percentage who are purely bad and the rest of us can be pulled one way or another. And five months later the Middle East crisis only worsens. Caan you believe that Bush and Blair are Christians? I can't and I see them down there with the really nasty guys. I mean, I can't find one nice thing about Bush anywhere. DA, Python - excellent commentaries on the absurdities of life. But let us not forget Kurt Vonnegut, eh? Sunday 17 December 2006 - 02:53PM (CET)