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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Friday, January 09, 2009

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

Beauty is in the eye on the beholder???? magnify
I popped round the pub this evening for a couple on pints. With a bar that has mirrors, it's not difficult to catch your own reflection. Tonight, I caught sight of myself and thought "That's a good looking guy sitting there!". Now I don't mean that in a vain sense. It's tempting to beat myself up about that. I got to thinking that it is actually more to do with my mood that matters.
I've had times in the past (and I can remember one) when I've caught my mirror image and hated it. I'd decided at that point that I was ugly, vulnerable, and worthless. Despite being somewhere I'd wanted to have fun and enjoy myself, the underlying feeling was dark.... full of low self esteem.
This last couple of weeks, I've felt really well with the new job and self confidence I've gained. There has been a glint in my eye. Folk have come and spoken to me in social situations more than usual.

So...... I ask the question. What is it about beauty.... or attractiveness???

I'm thinking, it doesn't matter how we look physically. If we are content and happy and there is a glint in the eye, people notice. We are complimented and I'd say that we become more attractive for that reason.

Looking back at what I've written above, I'm the same person physically regardless of my mood. In high spirits, I may see myself with enhanced attractiveness, but in a low mood I see myself as ugly. Maybe neither of those views are true, but a mood of high spirits, peace a relaxation projects a glint in the eye that is attractive.

Looking at ourselves and others, what do you think about the thoughts I've written down? Does it make sense? Is beauty in the eye of the beholder more to do with self and mood than just what we actually see?

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Year, New Routine

2009 and all is well. The only drawback is that there is too much month left at the end of the money! Mind you, thats pretty standard for any January, but at least my new job pays a week earlier in the month than my old one.

One new routine I'm getting into is evening food shopping. My old nemesis, the Asda supermarket was the destination immediately finishing work today. Still, at least I managed to get a nice pie and chips for dinner there this evening. Supermarkets have yet to implement ideas I'd like to see, such as a wife seeking device and a husband creche complete with comfy chairs, newspapers, computers and console games. This creche needs to be as far away from the travelator annoucers with its incredibily irritating "CAUTION, YOU ARE APPROACHING THE END OF THE CONVEYOR. PLEASE PREPARE.... TO PUSH THE TROLLEY.... OFF THE END OF THE CONVEYOR" This would have served well as a medieval torture device!

I'm really enjoying the new job. So far, there has not been anything that I feel will be beyond my abilities. Looking back over the last 15 or so years I feel that many practical wishes regarding work have been satisfied. Furthest back was a job I enjoyed, but long hours and poor pay. Then it was better hours, much better pay but alot of travel (commuting). Then into a true vocation locally, but shift work and not so good pay. Now I'm in a job with sane hours, much improved pay and conditions and still in line with my chosen vocation. Long may this continue. It's been a long time coming in my working life, but well worth the wait.