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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Call Centre Limitations

My current broadband internet contract is nearly up for renewal. Over the last couple of weeks, I've had almost daily calls from BT offering me a �2 discount per month to remain with them as supplier (i.e. additional 12 months on the contract). My response to the callers who have their limited script to follow was "hmmmm.... that's not a particularly attractive offer..... what else can you offer me?" The caller of course, has no resource to be able to suggest anything more than the offer, despite their attempt talk up the �2 discount offer. They have of course given away the information that my current contract is up for renewal in early September. I've decided to shop around and when I suggested to the BT caller I may do this, I was advised that my line rental would go up as a result. Of course, when I asked by how much, the caller was unable to tell me. Why? Well or course its for the reasons I mentioned above.... The caller has a script that focuses on only one target.... Get me to sign up for the year extension for the (not too attractive) offer. Having researched a few other providers, I reckon I'll go for o2 based on their considerably high ratings on sites like "Compare the Market" and "uSwitch". Having visited the o2 shop in town, I got some good advice about how to cancel my current provider and the fact that failure to do this will automatically force me into a rolling contract with BT anyway... for another 12 months!

It strikes me that the continued daily calls I'm getting from BT are having the reverse effect to what they are intending. Lets face it. Nobody likes to be bullied into signing up for a product they may not want!