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Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog: 10/28/07 - 11/4/07

Marty's "Living life in chapters" A self development blog

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

An opportunity for promotion

The assistant manager where I'm working is leaving soon, so there has been an advert for a replacement that has gone round internally. It's funny thing really for me. I've been in a quandary about it. After all the stress I took on a few years ago in previous jobs, I make it a standard joke now that I state I'm semi-retired. All the same, I've asked for an application pack. I just haven't got round to filling it out yet and I'm still not sure I want to. My initial thoughts were "Doesn't matter really what happens, there's no obligation to accept an appointment". Truth is, I don't think I'll get it anyway, but then I do have management experience. Who knows? I think I'm just a bit anxious about the prospect of taking on the responsibility for what is really, not a lot more money. I think I'm going to have to ponder all this some more over the coming week before I make a decision. There's still a twinkle of ambition that exists within me and I kinda don't wanna go there, if you know what I mean.

Well I'm still writing this at both Y360 and Multiply. With all the errors at Y360, its a bit like thrashing an old car. It coughs and splutters, smoke coming out the exhaust, overheating having not been serviced or looked after for a long while. Somehow, there is something dubiously satisfying about thrashing an old car, if you get the analogy. In the mean time, I'm waiting around to see what the shiny new model will be like. being typically impatient, I want to see what its like NOW! LOL
Mind you, I do suspect other people are getting more errors and problems than I have ever had and that goes for both blogging sites.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Email hosts

I didn't really get a proper hook into the internet until Y2k. It wasn't available where I was working at the time and it took getting out of that job and borrowing my nephews PC for the purposes of looking for work that really got me into using the internet regularly. It was shortly after that, that I bought my first PC.

Although I'd used email at work, my nephew helped me set up a Hotmail account that I still use to this day.

When I got my own PC, I set up Outlook to pick up my emails per instructions. It seemed ok at first, but I had the standard dial up internet connection and was frustrated by the length of time it took to download emails. It also used to cut my internet connection as soon as the download finished and it took me ages to work out the setting to stop that happening.

After a while, I got fed up with Outlook. It was quite clear that email was easily accessed via webmail. I realized a few advantages of using webmail and have stuck with it ever since.

1. Virtually all email accounts can be accessed from any computer that is on the internet (provided the appropriate site is not moderated by a work place server). I found this useful when traveling to London looking for work. Just a case of dropping into an internet cafe.

2. Webmail holds all email attachments on the host server. Viewing the account does not automatically download emails to the end user PC. This gives the ability to choose which emails you look at and the accompanying attachment. Most email providers also pre scan those emails for viruses. This is "belt and braces" for security too.

Over the years, I've used several emails hosted by Yahoo, Lycos, and now Google. I've found it useful to use different accounts for different purposes. I think it all adds to a bit of security. I'm considering dumping my Hotmail account now because I get far too much junk there now.

I've had folk tell me that Webmail is not that secure, but logic tells me that it's more secure than using email software on a PC.

What do you think? I'd be interested in your opinions.